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‘Honeymoon Killer’ Told To Stand Trial In Alabama

An Alabama man known in Australia as the “Honeymoon Killer” made an appearance in a Los Angeles courtroom today, where a judge told him he would have to stand trial for murder in his home state.

Gabe Watson, 33, was indicted by an Alabama grand jury on capital murder charges in the death of his wife, Tina Watson.

The motive, according to prosecutors, was money.

Watson allegedly drowned his 26-year-old wife of just 11 days during a scuba diving honeymoon trip on the Great Barrier Reef in 2003.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Australia last year and served 18 months in a Queensland state prison for not doing enough to save his wife during the dive.

Australian authorities argued that he killed the woman by turning off her air supply and holding her underwater.

He was deported to the United States Friday and is in custody in Los Angeles without the possibility of bail.

In a brief court appearance today, Superior Court Judge Hilleri G. Merritt told Watson that there is a governor’s warrant for his extradition to Alabama, and Dec. 30 would be the last date for the transfer there.

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