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Tarzan In Scrubs: Local Doctor Lives A Life Right Out Of Indiana Jones


Most Beverly Hills doctors visit their favorite dining hangout for fresh sushi. In the case of multi-faceted Aaron Rollins, M.D. however, he hunts his own.

The 6 foot-8 inch surgeon, who stands heads and shoulders above his peers both physically and literally, likes nothing better than go spear-fishing for yellowtail tuna off Palos Verdes. He enjoys catching his own thresher shark as well but notes that unlike the relatively docile tuna: “Once you’ve speared them, these threshers can pull your around the ocean floor like a Rottweiler on a lasso.”

Lest anyone think this is strictly sport, Rollins underscores that any tuna, shark or other sea creature he spears goes right into the freezer next to the elk, alligator and wild boar, which he also hunts with spears. “If I’m going to eat meat, I prefer to know where it comes from and how it was caught,” he said. “I figure the only way to know for sure is to hunt it myself.”

And nothing goes to waste having even shot his own shoes. The skin from the alligator meat in the deep freeze made a great pair of loafers.

The native Canadian originally worked on Wall Street. One weekend while scuba diving, he had a traumatic life/death experience, which he compares to rebooting a computer. Moving forward, he realized wanting to do something meaningful and helpful to others.

He is medical director of Sono Bello Center and specialized in cosmetic surgery immediately upon graduating from McGill University’s medical school in Montreal at age 24. To date, he has performed more than 3,000 procedures using advanced laser technology plus his own proprietary techniques devices. His patented surgical inventions–one of which recently won an award by a leading inventor’s organization–are used in hospitals worldwide.

Perhaps most amazing is the one which he incorporates into his surgical procedure, through which compressed air is delivered, numbing designated body parts without injections. He uses no scalpels nor needles. The result is less pain, less bruising (the size of a freckle) and faster recovery with some patients often walk out of the clinic within an hour after surgery.

However, to call him a man for all seasons would be a vast understatement. In addition to his wild game hunting, he’s a fluent linguist who speaks English, French, Portu- guese, and Russian fluently plus four other languages; a fashion designer for–what else?– tall men’s clothing; and designer of his own living space, serving as the architect in the recent renovation of his home to ensure, among other specifications, that all ceilings were at least 14 feet high. Another hobby is to reconstruct animal skeletons, and he is currently busy at work on a panther. “I find the detail and precision required in reconstructing a complete animal anatomy relaxing,” he says.

Besides his rigorous 12-hour practice schedule, Dr. Rollins is comfortable mixing it up on Hollywood’s red carpets–his girlfriend being actress Sandra Vergara, whose credits include CSI Miami and the upcoming film Fright Night. In fact, a production company is so fascinated by his life, it is in development on a reality series built around him and his activities.

Admittedly an artist by talent and temperament, Dr. Rollins’ primary passion as a young man was sculpture. (His mother was a medical illustrator and his father a physician.) When he decided being poor was not part of his life’s plan, his father encouraged him to become a cosmetic surgeon and fulfill his artistic bent using the body as his canvas.

His patients are his biggest fans. He recently did a procedure on an 80-year-old man living at a nursing home who wanted to be in better shape to impress his lady friends. Another enthusiastic patient, actress Nicole Eggert of Bay Watch fame, claims the doctor put her back into shape after she had her children.

Then there is the Beverly Hills’ patient who had Dr. Rollins do a complete body-over in time for her warrior-husband’s return from Afghanistan.

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