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Obama pegs jobs speech for September 7

“Washington needs to put aside politics and start making decisions based on what is best for our country and not what is best for each of our parties in order to grow the economy and create jobs,” Obama said.

“We must answer this call.”

“It is our responsibility to find bipartisan solutions to help grow our economy, and if we are willing to put country before party, I am confident we can do just that.”

Obama’s plan is expected to consist of a mix of old and new proposals, including a call for tax rises on the richest Americans, more spending on job creating infrastructure projects and extension to a payroll tax cut.

Republicans in the House of Representatives, however, have already signaled that they oppose some of Obama’s likely policy prescriptions and say the best way to stimulate growth would be to loosen government control over the economy.

Eric Cantor, the Republican majority leader in the House, on Monday pledged to push for the repeal of “job destroying regulations” that he said had tied the hands of small business owners.

Republican presidential candidates, who have all been savaging Obama over the economy, are due to hold a campaign debate on Wednesday, September 7 at the Ronald Reagan presidential library in California.

Obama asked House Speaker John Boehner to schedule the joint address for 8 pm on that date.

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