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Producer Jon Peters Wins Day in Court

Jon Peters

Producer Jon Peters won a round in court today when a judge decided that a legal dispute between him and a Burbank animal kennel should be decided in arbitration and not in a courtroom.

“It seems to me there was a contractual arbitration agreement,” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard Rico said in ruling in favor of Peters and against California K-9 Academy Inc.

Rico also put the case on hold pending a July 30 post-arbitration status conference.

“We’re very pleased with the judge’s ruling,” said Peters’ attorney, Raphael Emanuel.

Emanuel said Rico also awarded Peters $1,240 in monetary sanctions against the kennel to pay for the producer’s expenses to bring the arbitration motion.

The kennel sued Peters for breach-of-contract on Dec. 9, alleging he paid $8,700 but still owes more than $21,000 for the boarding of three dogs. Rico found that the company was bound by its own arbitration clause in its agreement with the producer.

According to the kennel’s court papers, Peters’ ex-wife, Mindy, took the dogs, an Akita named Bear, a Doberman Pinscher named Beau and a third pet, Tomas, to the kennel in May 2010. Tomas was removed a month later.

The other two animals were boarded while Peters moved to a new home. Peters waited more than 215 days before sending his assistant to pick up Bear, according to the kennel’s court papers.

The kennel maintains Beau spent more than a year at the facility until Peters permitted him to be sold. In her court papers, attorney Kimberly Wright, on behalf of the kennel, claimed Peters never returned a signed document concerning Beau and that therefore there was no contract or obligation to arbitrate. She also maintained Peters committed fraud in the agreement concerning Bear.

Films produced by Peters include “Ali,” “Rain Man,” The Bonfire of the Vanities,” “Tango & Cash” and “Batman Returns.”

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