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Luxe Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary; A Real Estate Venture That Went Global


LUXE LAUNCHES LUXE30 —The Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel will celebrate founder Efrem Harkham’s 30 years in the hospitality industry by rolling back room rates to 1983, for one night, in concert with its year-long “30-something” celebration.

By Laura Coleman

On the cusp of celebrating his 30th anniversary in the hospitality industry this month, Luxe Hotels Founder Efrem Harkham sat down with The Courier and shared how an unexpected real estate play transformed him into an industry leader.

The year was 1983 and Harkham purchased the Bel-Air Summit Hotel (now the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel) intending to develop the seven-acre property into housing. But the “fortune,” as he called it, of the previous team having pre-sold rooms for months to accommodate the 1984 Olympics Committee, combined with his innate knack for hospitality, transformed a money-making real estate venture into a date with destiny.

Indeed, for generations his mother’s ancestors, keepers of the Tomb of the prophet Ezra the Scribe in Israel, had been taking care of those who visited the site – including Harkham’s father who made the pilgrimage at 18.

“The passion of hospitality really got into my veins,” he said. “It’s in my genes.”

By the time Harkham purchased Rodeo Drive’s lone hotel in 1993, today the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, he knew the magic formula for success: “Warmth and being part of the community.”

Today, Luxe Worldwide Hotels is a leading boutique hotel brand, representing almost 200 of the world’s best hotels.

“We’re so involved in the community and that’s what it’s about, that’s what hotels are for,” Harkham said.

To celebrate Harkham’s 30 years, Luxe Hotels this month launched a year-long “30-somethings” celebration including a turn-back-the-clocks day that will give guests 24 hours to book room rates from 30 years ago.

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