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Preventing Caregiver Burnout

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Pictured: Beverly Sanborn, VP of programs for Belmont Village Senior Living.

“Ask the Expert” presentations & breakfast hosted by Belmont Village Westwood, May 22 and 23.

As anyone who has been a family caregiver can tell you, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. But it is also one of the most emotional and challenging, especially when taking care of someone with dementia.

It’s not uncommon for caregivers to feel overwhelmed, burdened, frightened, resentful, bewildered and trapped. One might say that dementia be-comes the unwanted guest who takes over the household, changing the normal dynamic and redefining roles in ways that are unexpected and at times hard to accept.

Worse still, extended family can be unsupportive and at times adversarial as they struggle to understand the new family order.

“The challenge is to find ways to cope with these feelings and rediscover the rewarding aspects of caring for your loved one,” said Beverly Sanborn, VP of programs for Belmont Village Senior Living.

“Most people genuinely want to take the best possible care of those they love, but the reality is hard. Many caregivers bury these emotions because they feel guilty; but they need to realize that much of what they’re feeling comes from their own grief,” Sanborn said.

Belmont Village Westwood, at 10475 Wilshire Blvd., will host a breakfast presentation on Wednesday, May 22, which will be repeated Thurs-day, May 23.

Sanborn, a nationally known gerontologist, will speak about caregiver issues, shedding light on what caregivers can do to help find their way out of the maze of emotion and get in touch with more positive ways to cope.

Registration starts at 8:30 a.m., with the presentation and breakfast from 9-10:30 a.m. Networking and tours will be available following the presentation.

There is no charge to attend, but reservations are suggested because of limited seating. Call 310-475-7501 to reserve a spot.

Valet parking is provided.

For more information about Belmont Village or the event, call 310-475-7501 or visit

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