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This Year, Ditch The Typical Brunch And Take Mom To Raw

This year, instead of the typical buffet, why not spice things up and take mom someplace different—like Raw fish & rice sushi restaurant.

Newly opened on Robertson Boulevard, the restaurant is already winning fans with its authentic contemporary sushi made from fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Co-owner Eric Sansangasakun —who owns two other Southern California restaurants, including Gindi Thai in Burbank—decided to bring that locale’s Chef Al Pisan to Beverly Hills to showcase his cooking skills.

Says Sansangasakun: “He’s a great chef” who’s created a menu of straightforward sushi guests can enjoy “omakase” style at the sushi bar or at their table if they want more privacy.

The name may be Raw, but there are numerous cooked items on the menu; and Pisan has created signature dishes like:

• the ebisu roll with yellowtail, shrimp tempura, avocado on soy with a creamy, chili-infused sauce.
• the crunchy roll with crab meat, shrimp tempura, a creamy sauce, sushi rice and soy paper.
• light and delicious grilled ono with a dipping sauce.

Pisan is still refining his planned Mother’s Day specials.

Raw’s fresh approach to food is reflected in the clean, streamlined interior. “People come in and tell us they like what we’ve done with the space,” reports Sansangasakun. “It’s clean, and the night lighting is romantic. And there’s not any bamboo in sight.”

The intimate restaurant is also big on details; tables aren’t “reserved,” they’re “promised.”

Knowing that diners have a lot of choices, especially when it comes to sushi, Sansangasakun has assembled a knowledgeable staff, with some coming from his Summer Canteen in Toluca Lake.

“We believe a connection with customers is important,” says Sansangasakun. “Some places don’t care and just get by;” at Raw, it’s about presentation and a complete dining experience. Open only a few weeks, Raw already has regulars like the family that’s eaten there eight times.

Chef Pisan also has a following that now comes to Raw for his appetizers and warm bites, raw dishes and salads, rolls, nigiri and sashimi.

While the menu makes it easy to find favorites, there are hundreds of types of rolls that can be made, Sansangasakun reveals; “way to many to list.” And special requests are welcome if diners don’t see what they want on the menu.

Raw will soon be offering delivery and catering to offices, Sansangasakun says.

Raw fish & rice
201 S. Robertson Blvd,

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