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Trigg Ison Fine Art Presenting Comprehensive Exhibit Of Patricia Knop’s Work

Pictured: Patricia Knop’s bronze sculpture “Thanksgiving,” from 1968.

Through June 20, Trigg Ison Fine Art will present “Patricia Knop: SIDESHOW – Paintings and Sculpture 1968-2013.” The exhibition is a comprehensive look at Knop’s career featuring sculpture and paintings never before seen by the public.

“Many years ago, when I was a girl and had just fallen in love with the boy I was going to marry, I fell asleep one night and dreamed that I was approaching a strange silo-shaped building,” explains Knop about the onset of her career.

“Before it, a frail gray man stood smiling. Behind him, on steps that spiraled into the building, bigger-than-life figurative sculptures were mounted, one after the other. Intrigued, I picked one up and found it light as a feather. I asked the old man if he knew whose sculptures these were. He answered, ‘they’re yours, if you want to claim them.’”

Since then Knop has spent her life documenting its multifaceted and rich cast of characters through deeply personal and poignant perspectives articulated through the tactile engagement of clay or the fluid immediacy of paint.

In 1965, she shared a downtown Los Angeles studio with the great ceramic sculptor Jerry Rothman and was intricately immersed in the Southern California art scene alongside her husband Zalman King.

Her work attracted many high-profile collectors including Peter Sellers and the majority of her original sculptures were sold upon completion.

Aside from her artwork, Knop wrote many films with “her King” including Nine Weeks, Siesta, Silence of the North, Lady Oscar, The Passover Plot, Delta of Venus, Wild Orchid and Red Shoe Diaries.

A long collaboration with rock-and-roll giant, Jim Steinman led to Whistle Down The Wind, a stage musical with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Hidden beneath layers of clay within her sculptures are poems they inspired, crafted by the artist much like the one she wrote very early on foretelling her future endeavors.

Knead the clay of hour and day; Twist it, scrape it, bend and shape it ;Watch the liquid long line form, a future ;Transform ;Until death ;Until dust you must; Create create.

SIDESHOW represents the first indepth look at Knop’s overall oeuvre including works from each important series.

Knop’s lifetime masterpiece “Thanksgiving” is central to the exhibition and inspired by a Tennyson poem:

Take wings of fancy and ascend; And in a moment set thy face ;Where all the starry heavens of space; Are sharpened to a needle’s end.

Whether reflecting upon the dreams of her female neighbors in “Dreams of the Women of Alta Avenue” or observing and absorbing the strange and unusual lives around her, the invitation to Knop’s all-inclusive carrousel of humanity unfolds.

According to gallery owner Trigg Ison, “Patricia’s work delves deeply into the world of the human psyche and its myriad of emotions, executing her vision with a classical strength and constant aura of whimsy. We are thrilled to be able to showcase her extensive body of work in all its complex form.”

Trigg Ison Fine Art has enjoyed a longstanding and successful presence in West Hollywood for more than 20 years.

Focusing on early 20th century modern paintings and sculpture from both America and Europe, the gallery also established a contemporary division in 2006 with the American premiere exhibition of French artist Gravleur in collaboration with actor Johnny Depp.

The gallery is at 9009 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood. Business hours are 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and Saturday by appointment.

For more information, call 310-274-8047 or email or visit online.

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