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George Christy Talks About Dr. Life, Man Of Steel, Russel Crowe, Henry Cavill And More!

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“No zipper … let’s say it isn’t the best outfit to have on when you need to pee.”  So Henry Cavill, 30, tells E! News about the body-hugging Superman suit he wears in Warner Bros. Man Of Steel.   Russell Crowe plays his father Jor-El and found it tough “getting your bits and pieces out of it … my suit took 25 minutes to wiggle out of.”

You’ll remember 6-footer Henry Cavill as the sexy Duke of Norfolk in Showtime’s 30 episodes of The Tudors.   Come next Friday, hell will break loose when brawny Henry sails over our global cinema screens as the Man Of Steel, the Superman journalist Clark Kent.  He’s joined by an imposing cast of stars.

Amy Adams is Henry’s newshen Lois Lane. Michael Shannon appears as Superman’s deadliest enemy General Zod. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are his foster parents.  Early viewers promise nonstop ass-kicking action.  Estimated production costs for Man Of Steel are $225 million, with marketing and release figures topping $150 million.

Born on the Isle of Jersey, a favorite retreat of filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock for its gourmet creameries, Henry’s aware of how much the Superman legend means to millions of fans.   “You want to do it justice,” he remarks to Howie Kahn in Details magazine, “and hope kids will dream of being Superman as they’re growing up.”  Henry has his eye on the James Bond character if and when Daniel Craig retires.

Meanwhile, a real-live Superman came to town this week from his Cenegenics headquarters in Las Vegas, the all-American Dr, Jeffry S. Life who’s never laid eyes on the planet Krypton.   Dr. Jeffry’s (cq) sculptured physique says it all.   He attributes his well-being to the lessons defined in his Mastering The Life Plan: The Essential Steps To Achieving Great Health And A Leaner, Stronger, And Sexier Body, published by Atria Books.

Born in West Virginia, Dr. Jeffry, 75, is well traveled and a gentlemanly sage.   Considering the information amassed during his later years, he impresses with an encyclopedic knowledge as we turn the pages of Mastering The Life Plan.

Medics shower him with encomiums, as has author/life coach Anthony Robbins.  Also, basketball’s Hall of Famer Rick Barry, an NBA All Time Top 50 Player, says, “Since I’ve been under the care of Dr. Life, my goal of living a productive life until at least 100 now seems possible … I cannot believe how my overall health improved dramatically … I look and feel many years younger.”  Suzanne Somers assesses Dr. Jeffry’s program as “life-changing.”

“I wish it weren’t so,” shudders Dr. Jeffry. “Kids today will have a shorter life span than their parents…this is the first time in the history of civilization.  Shocking, I know.  Why?   They are facing a junk-food life of high blood pressure, climbing insulin  resistant to medication, type 2 diabetes, cancer, early age-related diseases, etc.”

Remembering the basics behind Dr. Jeffry’s philosophy is easy.  “When I was on The Doctors Show in 2012, the producers cleverly built the segment around my name with an acronym that sums up the four core areas we must master as we age.”

Herewith, in his words, are those L-I-F-E beliefs:

L is for Levels of Hormones.  “Reversing hormone deficiencies keeps you energized, vibrant and should be treated.  Declining hormone levels are the result of a disease process, not aging, and should be treated.

“In my opinion it’s malpractice for doctors to ignore declining hormone levels and write them off as an acceptable part of aging.  Study after study reveals that increasing testosterone and other critical hormone levels in deficient adults greatly affects health in many positive ways.  Improving bone mineral density, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease.  And testosterone is not the only hormone you need to be concerned with.”

I for Insulin Control.  “Critical to learn how to manage it through diet … excess levels of insulin can cause other components of Metabolic Syndrome to develop – obesity, high triglycerides, elevated blood pressure and inflammation.   Excess levels accelerate the aging process, affecting body fat, blood lipid levels, glucose tolerance, aerobic capacity, muscle mass, strength and immune function.   You’ll experience a marked improvement in your mental focus, exercise endurance, strength, optimal health, muscularity and leanness.   My diet plans are structured to lower insulin levels.”

F for Fuel.   “Your current diet may be filled with processed foods, unhealthy proteins, and sugar-laden simple carbohydrates that all taste great but accelerate aging.  Bad foods are quickly stored as body fat and arterial plaque, and suck the energy out of you.”   Sugar, he adds later, is toxic and should be avoided, and the chapter on his favorite foods (almonds, blueberries, broccoli, etc.) should be memorized.

E for Exercise.  “Improves our thinking and even our sex lives with just one hour of working out a day … without it, the average American male can expect to gain approximately one pound of body fat every year between ages 30 and 60, and lose a half pound of muscle mass each year over the same period.  At age 60, it gets worse.”

Dr. Jeffry’s discovered that frequent small portions five or six times during the day are healthier than large meals, and that high-fiber foods “make the best carb choices.”  Fiber found in beans, brown rice and wild rice, fruits, green levy vegetables, legumes, sweet potatoes, Ezekiel breads (considered a complete protein).

Drinking plenty of water helped slim him down, and peanut butter’s among his best foods – “a great source of essential fatty acids…avoid processed peanut butter…some ‘natural’ versions are loaded with sugar and hydrogenated fats.”

His offers guidelines on cooking vegetables for their maximum nutrition, and mandates that animal proteins should be thoroughly cooked.   He makes suggestions for multivitamin and mineral supplements that contain “the most essential nutrients that will optimize your health and quality of life.”

Dr. Jeffry has published a bedside Baedeker, replete with  vital research.  Although he strongly emphasizes “how necessary and valuable it is to talk with your doctor.”   His website is

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