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Jerry Cutler On Film…

Pedro Almodovar has written and directed a film I’m So Excited about a plane that suffers a severe technical failure while in flight. The pilots and flight attendants try to devise ways of keeping the passengers from discovering the existing danger and maybe devastating consequences. And, all the while, discussing their personal sexual proclivities.

The unsuspecting patrons who have paid a fair amount of money to see this unfunny and senseless film are in the dark (literally) trying to laugh at the absurdities unfolding on the screen.

Is there no help for them? Is there no salvation? Perhaps for the actors on the plane as they were being paid; but for the moviegoer, it’s a lesson in not relying on promotional TV and newspapers blurbs.

1/2 Bagel out of 4 (And, I’m being generous!)

Jerry Ram Cutler, The Courier’s film/TV critic, is also rabbi at Creative Arts Temple

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