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L.A. Councilman Wants Free Wi-Fi Access Across Los Angeles

Los Angeles City Councilman Bob Blumenfield said today he wants to give Angelenos free, citywide access to wireless internet service.

Blumenfield asked staffers with the city’s Information Technology Agency for a report  on setting up free citywide WiFi service.

In his motion, Blumenfield said free WiFI service would benefit government officials, businesses and visitors, as well as people who “cannot afford private high-speed services.”

The city already offers WiFi service at libraries, and a citywide program would make Los Angeles the largest city to provide universal ‘WiFi service. Houston, Minneapolis, Riverside and San Jose already have free citywide WiFi service.

“We live in a world where success is increasingly tied to ability access to information,”  said Blumenfield, who heads the council’s Innovation, Technology and General Services Committee, where his motion will be considered next.

“The benefits of wireless internet access across the city are numerous, from reducing startup costs for new businesses to ensuring that every student is able to access essential tools for learning,” he said.”

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