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Beverly Hills Doctor Once Again ‘Official Podiatrist’ For Avon Breast Cancer Walk


Pictured: Dr. Stanley Zusman

Beverly Hills doctor Stanley J. Zusman will once again be the “official podiatrist“  for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, which this year kicks off for two days in Santa Barbara starting Saturday, Sept. 7.

This is the 11th year for the walk and the second consecutive year Dr. Zusman will bring his 45-plus years of experience seeing patients in the City to helping walkers.

As a walk volunteer,  Zusman will tend to sprains, ankle problems, sore feet and any podiatry injuries participants endure in the 39-mile walk (26 miles the first day, 13 the second) from Santa Barbara’s Chase Palm Park to Carpinteria State Beach.

He will be available throughout the entire race, day and night.  As in previous years, he once again has chosen to camp out in the pink tents with walkers and crew in the “Wellness Village.”

A well-know Beverly Hills podiatrist, Zusman specializes in all types of ankle and  foot disorders, sports medicine  and fractures.
During the walk he sees ”hundreds of feet”  (last year there were 1,700 walkers) and he and other volunteer doctors treat  shin splints, blisters, sprained ankles and plantar fasciitis.

His advice to any distance walkers is:

• A good pair of athletic shoes is essential for any type of physical exercise. Wear them with soft, thick or thin socks, depending on climate, and have an extra pair just in case. Socks should be made from synthetic materials.

To insure a proper fit for athletic shoes, Zusman offers these guidelines:
1. Following a work out, visit your local shoe store.
2. Have your shoes fitted with the socks you’ll be wearing.
3. If you normally wear an orthotic/insert, bring it with you to insure it fits properly inside.
4. After trying on a new pair of shoes, make sure to stand and walk around in them. A proper fit is when the toe-box has enough room to wiggle your toes while standing. This can be done by taking the width of your index finger from the end of the longest toe to the end of the shoe. The ball of the foot should be at the widest part of the shoe.
5. Look for a secure, comfortable fit through the midfoot. Imagine a hand gently holding your foot in place.
6. Make sure there’s no slipping at the heel to protect feet from blisters.
7. Check all shoes for excessive wear and replace as needed.
8. Once you have made your new purchase, give your feet time to adjust to new shoes —walk around the house casually for a bit before working out.
9.  A good rule of thumb for athletic shoes… if they hurt in your living room, they will definitely hurt on the road.

Zusman and his daughter Lisa decided to get involved in the cause when Zusman’s wife Marsha was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. She is now a survivor, and both husband and daughter feel it’s vital to give back.

“After my mother’s experience, I vowed that I would do anything I could to help women in similar situations,” said Lisa Zusman, who has raised $7,557.20, so far this year with a goal  of $15,000. Last year  she raised $10,500.

Dr. Zusman is proud to be among the hundreds of volunteers who include road monitors, food preparers, nurses and even ambulance drivers. “I couldn’t work with nicer people or for a better organization—and it’s great to know where the money goes.”

Funds raised go to leading-edge research at UCLA, the John Wayne Cancer Institute at St. John’s Health Center, and other institutions, and for screening, support and treatment for men and women regardless of their ability to pay.

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—Steve Simmons

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