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Nikhil Korula Sees Hit From Solo EP Reach Top 10 On AC Radio Chart


Pictured: Nikhil Korula

Pictured: The Kikhil Korula Band

This summer Beverly Hills guitarist, singer and composer Nikhil Korula saw the single Fade Away—from his first EP “Solo Sessions”—jump to the top 10 on the FMQB’s (Friday Morning Quarterback Inc.) Hot Adult Contemporary Radio chart.

Korula, a 10-year resident, says he knew he had something when he wrote the piece, “about staying positive keeping  things upbeat and fresh and making the most that we can of life.”

The song debuted at No. 106 and radio play combined with iTunes and web purchases quickly propelled it to the head of the chart.

The new release—following 2012’s “Music of the New Day,” also of all original material (except for one song by Bo Diddley) —grew from the opportunity to record with members of the Dave Matthews Band and Korula’s desire to showcase new songs about love and relationships.

He jumped at the chance to make the five-track recording  with Dave Matthews Band mainstays Jeff Coffin (saxophone) and Butch Taylor (keyboard). Collaborating with them on all the album’s arrangements was “one of the reasons I wa so excited to do the record.”

“Solo Sessions” (on Korula’s own Groove Infinity Records) is a musical mosaic, showcasing some of Korula’s most intimate, emotion-filled singing, personal  songwriting yet and vocal abilities.

Korula wrote the songs, he says, for friend who was going through relationship troubles. “Life is short and full of problems,” Korula philosophizes. “so we have to shine our light as bright as possible.”

With this highly focused narrative, Korula didn’t feel the need for a full-scale record like last year’s.

The intimate album has struck a chord with listeners, Korula says because “the subject matter is something everybody can relate to. And the recurrent theme of “sparks” is a notion that resonates with him. “We’re all sparks waiting to be lit.”

Thoughtfully equenced, the EP opens with Spark and closes with Fade Away. Explaining the “plot” thread, he says: “We’re all sparks with great potential and the goal in life is to see how brightly you can shine before you fade away”

•  Spark is a upbeat tune, accentuated by Taylor’s keyboard, capturing the essence of a young musician trying to find his direction in life and by doing so, lights up the world with a “spark.”

He Said, She Said explores the theme of solitude and doubt. The melodic narrative is backed by Coffin’s sax, interjecting throughout the song’s intricate instrumental section with Korula incessantly plucking the chords of his acoustic guitar.

“Nikhil has really tapped into something here,” said Coffin. “I had a great time playing on his recording. His voice reminds me of early Counting Crows recordings,

Broken Roads, with a soulful opening organ part, is both  a musical and vocal departure for Korula.

• Fans will also hear a more serious Korula on Silent Tears, which speaks of life’s unexpected turns, losing everyone close to you and the ardent desire for love

A member of the L.A,. Children’s Chorus at 5, Korula initially studied opera after a successful audition to USC’s Thornton School of Music.

A songwriting class changed his life and made him want to start a band. And he switched to the rock, funk and ballads he performs today. “It sounds kink of crazy, but the  styles of music are all connected in some way. “

Over his career, Korula has shared the stage with everyone from Placido Domingo to Barry Manilow, including John Mayer, Jason Mraz, the Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, and more.

The group Korula formed in 2002, is well known on the jam band scene, playing such  festivals as Bonnaroo, and most recently Summerfest in Milwaukee, where the NK Band opened for Gavin DeGraw, and played for  more than 10,000 fans.

The group also performs frequently at such venues as the House of Blues, The Apollo Theater, Viper Room, The Roxy and more.

Korula has enjoyed the decade-plus of touring and sharing what he calls, “music that makes your soul groove,” that blends the sounds of caclypso, rock, reggae, African and Latin grooves and more.

The band played three of Park City’s top local nightspots as part of the popular “Concerts at Sundance” music series during the famed film festival in January and will play this weekend’s G2E gaming conference in Las Vegas.

Also coming up is the music video, filming on the Santa Monica Pier, for his hit Fade Away.

For more information on the Nikhil Korula Band—and for upcoming tour dates—visit, or

—Steve Simmons

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