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Normans Fall 62-27 In Homecoming Loss To Morningside

Pictured: Normans Rashad Ysaquirre (32), Dylan Bohot (69) and Jordan Etebar (72) work to hold the line against the Morningside Monarchs in last Friday’s homecoming game.—Photo by David Berke

If there is ever a game you want to win it’s homecoming, and if there ever was a game that truly was not reflected by the final score, it was last Friday’s 62-27 loss to Morningside.

Both teams had lost big to Santa Monica in league play, so there was some hope that it would be a closer match.  And that hope was justified. At the end of a well-fought 1st quarter it was 8-0 Morningside, and then 32-14 Morningside at the half.

But still, something was different; Beverly Hills was hanging tough.  Indeed, the 3rd quarter belonged to the Normans, and two excellent touchdown drives narrowed the score to 32-27 Morningside. Only 5 points separated the teams in this thoroughly entertaining match.

Alas, inexplicably, from there things broke down in what seemed moments.  A turn-over, some questionable calls, some good offense, and in the span of some 8-9 minutes Morningside scored 30 unanswered points and the game ended, 62-27.

Yes, a big loss, but one that felt quite otherwise.—David Berke

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