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Right to Work proponents in Ohio overstating success, says Ohio political blog

(PR NewsChannel) / October 31, 2013 / COLUMBUS, Ohio
Ohio capitol building

Ohio capitol buildingThe Ohio-based political blog, “Plunderbund,” is coming down hard on the Right to Work group Ohioans for Workplace Freedom by highlighting that it took the group more than a year and half to gather 100,000 signatures.

Last month, the Right to Work advocacy group, Ohioans for Workplace Freedom, touted that 200 people across the state had gathering 100,000 signatures and that the group is well en route to collecting the 385,247 valid signatures needed by next year to get the Right to Work legislation on Ohio’s statewide ballot in 2014.

The political blog noted that it would take another 40 months for the group to collect the minimum amount of valid signatures needed to enact a ballot initiative.

“It’s a good sign for us that it took Right to Work backers so long to get the signatures because it may mean the public is no longer behind it,” said Pat Sink, Ohio’s IUOE Local 18’s business manager. “I hope Ohioans will notice what happened to worker’s rights and worker pay in other states where Right to Work measures passed and—both always go down.”

According to “The Columbus Dispatch,” the proposed amendment Ohioans for Workplace Freedom is advocating for states, “No law, rule, agreement or arrangement shall require any person or employer to become or remain a member of a labor organization.” The amendment also states that no one could be forced to pay dues or an assessment as part of a labor agreement.

“If this is so good for workers, why are big businesses so in favor of it? People should ask themselves that question,” said Sink.

To keep voters informed on the dangers of Right-to-Work, the IUOE Local 18 union-backed advocacy group Keep Ohio’s Heritage has been running ads on cable and network television designed to educate voters on the issue.

Opponents of the Right to Work laws, sometimes called “Workplace Freedom” in Ohio, contend that the initiative’s true purpose is to kill unions and worker protections, leading to a weaker middle class.

Stripping workers of their rights and freedoms would allow business owners to lower worker pay, reduce worker benefits and ignore worker rights.

For more information on the Right to Work and “Workplace Freedom” movements, please visit the website,

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