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Husband of 96-Year-Old Zsa Zsa Gabor Tongue Lashes Accusing Daughter

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, responding to allegations
that he has misspent money from his wife’s estate, contends her daughter wasted
her ailing mother’s money by needlessly seeking a conservatorship and by taking
out a seven-figure loan against the 96-year-old actress’s longtime home.
The response was filed in advance of a hearing Los Angeles Superior
Court Judge Reva Goetz is poised to hold next Wednesday. Constance Francesca
Gabor Hilton is asking the judge to reject an accounting of Gabor estate income
and expenses offered by Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, who has been married to
Gabor for 27 years.
“Ms. Hilton’s objections are a classic example of someone complaining
about problems which she herself precipitated,’ von Anhalt’s attorney, William
Remery, argues in court papers. “The fact of the matter is that Ms. Hilton
initiated this conservatorship proceeding knowing full well that she could
never be appointed conservator due to the same extensive history of public
displays of mental instability and erratic behavior that ultimately resulted in
her visits with (her mother) having to be monitored.’
Gabor’s daughter filed her conservatorship petition in March 2012 after
learning her mother’s Bel Air home was in danger of being foreclosed on. Both
sides last summer reached an interim solution in favor of appointing von Anhalt
as Gabor’s temporary conservator, a title he still holds.
In May, Goetz approved the sale of the couple’s home for $11 million in
an agreement that allows Gabor to remain there for three years.
Under law, von Anhalt was required to submit an accounting of expenses
and income to Goetz.
In August, Hilton’s lawyer, Kenneth Kossoff, filed court papers in
which he took issue with some of the ways von Anhalt was spending the estate’s
“The conservator (von Anhalt) throws frequent, lavish parties at
(Gabor’s) house attended by strangers to (her), while (she) is confined to her
bedroom,’ Kossoff’s court papers stated.
Von Anhalt also restricts Gabor’s daughter to entering the home through
one door and does not invite her to birthday parties held for her mother,
Kossoff wrote.
According to Kossoff’s court papers, the accounting offered by von
Anhalt lists expenses for groceries at upscale grocery stores, “many, many
restaurant visits,’ a gym membership, a personal security escort for a court
appearance in the conservatorship case and the lease of a Mercedes-Benz at
$1,650 per month.
Kossoff’s court papers also take von Anhalt to task for charging the
estate for clothing bought at Brooks Brothers and Hermes.
“If the conservator cannot afford to pay for his own clothes, he can go
to a thrift shop and buy clothes there,’ Kossoff wrote.
Kossoff also argued that estate money should not be used to compensate
von Anhalt for $45,000 in attorneys’ fees he spent in connection with the
But according to Remery’s court papers, Hilton used her power of
attorney granted by her mother to obtain a $3.75 million loan by using Gabor’s
home as collateral. Hilton then “misappropriated $1.85 million’ and caused
her mother to incur a monthly loan payment of $31,000, according to Remery.
As a result, Gabor revoked Hilton’s power of attorney and gave it to von
Anhalt, who had to scramble to keep the home from going into foreclosure,
Remery’s court papers state.
“It is the height of hypocrisy for (Hilton) to attack (von Anhalt)
for the extraordinary, successful measures he has undertaken to save the
conservatee’s home for her use in her declining years,’ Remery wrote.
Remery’s court papers note that Gabor’s right side was totally paralyzed
after an automobile accident in 2002 that left her wheelchair-dependent. She
fell out of bed eight years later and one leg had to be amputated after it
became infected, leaving her bedridden to this day, according to Remery.
“Interestingly, Ms. Gabor’s daughter … has provided no financial or
emotional support to her mother since the accident in 2002,’ Remery’s court
papers state. “Instead, she has left it to (von Anhalt) to provide for all of
her mother’s needs.’
Remery’s court papers say the parties von Anhalt holds “bring together
Ms. Gabor’s longtime friends and admirers.’ He says his 70-year-old client
belongs to a gym so he can stay fit and remain able to lift his wife and change
her bedding.
Von Anhalt has continued a tradition he and his spouse started 20 years
ago in which they donate 300 turkeys to charities at Thanksgiving, Remery’s
court papers state.
“Throughout the entire term of this conservatorship proceeding, (von
Anhalt) has focused solely on his duty to protect and care for his wife,’
Remery wrote.

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