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The Pied Piper Insists It’s Getting Warmer, But Where?

From the Publisher Clif Smith

As children, most of us were told the tale of the Pied Piper. Middle Ages Hamelin in Germany hired the man with “magic flute” to lead all the rats out of town.  When the town didn’t pay, he blew his flute and led all the children out of town never to be seen again.

We learned not to follow “pied pipers” – phonies hiding behind good intentions who mean us harm.  “Don’t be gullible” was and is the message of the tale.

So, are we following “pied pipers”? Modern day “pied pipers” seem to appear regularly in the form of “experts” or politicians, usually playing off of each other to lead us somewhere we should not be going.

Thus it is with “man-caused global warming.”

Thursday’s USA Today reported on a map just released by the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration that 49 states of the United States today have snow (only Florida does not).  NASA’s National Snow & Ice Data Center reported 10 days ago that the Artic Ice Cap is up by 29-percent. The Washington Post reported that the Antarctic ice cover just hit a 35-year high. Greenland’s ice sheet is at record levels.  Honest scientific journals attribute reductions in ice, in the few places confirmed, to changes in wind current patterns.

Yet our “pied pipers” of global warming want to de-industrialize the United States while China, India and much of the rest of the world accelerate their use of fossil fuels.  Hello compact fluorescents with their high content of mercury; good-bye incandescent bulbs.

Did you see the photos from Atlanta, Georgia? It’s buried in snow and ice. Ditto all over the country in places unaccustomed to the snow and ice.

Just to show that Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor, recall this past December when “warming hunters” got trapped in the Antarctic sea ice.  Even the rescuers got stuck.  The Russian research vessel, MV Akademik Shokalskiy had a terrible time getting out of the fast ice around Christmas Eve in the Commonwealth Bay region of Antarctica.  Did the pied piper lead the ship there?  If “global warming” is the piper, then “yes” he did.

So, just how gullible are we as a nation to this stuff?  Answer: pretty gullible.

Where is the truly credible evidence of “man-caused global warming”? The “case for” global warming is mainly a series of computer models based on assumptions proven false every day.  We now know from intercepted emails that the leadership of the “man-caused global warming” crowd plotted, planned, doctored, manipulated much of the story.  We also know that they actively campaigned against anyone who disagreed with them. “Deniers” is now the epithet thrown at skeptics who demand real evidence. “Deniers” of course is swiped from the label applied to those who ignorantly or dishonestly deny that the Nazi Holocaust occurred is the ultimate in misuse of language. To equate one with the other is to degrade and disparage the horrible truth about the Nazi genocide. To say that “the evidence is not there” is not the same as running extermination camps.  To those of us who believe in rational persuasion based on logic and facts, bringing in terminology that demonizes scientific inquiry only proves that the demonizers have no case.

In contrast to those who demonize people who ask legitimate questions and who search for real – not computer-generated – facts, look at those on the other side.

The case against “man-caused global warming” is much simpler and more direct – go measure the ice and the temperatures. The Earth is getting colder, not warmer. In fact, the more observant scientists are suspecting that our release of hydrocarbons may be the only thing slowing the cooling.

The much more adult view is that Earth’s temperature fluctuates. Always has. From reading the thermometer and looking at the ice and snow on the ground, in the trees, on the mountains and streets, and trapping MV  Akademic Shokalskiy we can see for ourselves that if “man” is causing “global warming,” right now we’re doing a really poor job of it.

We treat the Pied Piper tale as a parable about gullibility. None of us will admit to following a pied piper, but that is exactly what our government, many academics (most of whom get paid for “global warming”) and the hysterics are doing.

On the other hand, it is 81 degrees in Beverly Hills on Valentine’s Day. But then again, it’s always about 81 degrees in Beverly Hills.

And we’ll follow anyone to Beverly Hills any time, pied piper or not!

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