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Mr. President, You Cannot Hide From Bullies

From the Publisher Clif Smith

As predicted by so many conservatives, especially former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the logical consequences of the bowing, scraping and purposeful weakness of Barack Obama as president of the United States is now clear for all the world to see. (Yes, we know you lefties and establishment Republicans HATE this woman…demeaned her, satirized her, and called her stupid – but she called it 100 percent right in 2008 about Putin and the Ukraine.  Maybe she really could not “see” Russia from her front porch in Wasilla, Alaska, but she knew what she was looking at – a lot better than all of you.)

While the president whines about “21st Century politics,” Russia’s Vladimir Putin is busy repeating the conquests of Empress Catherine the Great, Emperor Nicholas I, Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin.  He’s now swallowed the Crimea and is eyeing Estonia.  Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and every other place once ruled or coveted by Russia are watching scared.  Poland and the Baltic states have seen this movie before – within the lifetimes of most of their populations.  Germany, the only real European power, also sees what’s coming.

Just read Putin’s excuse – “We must protect Russians in these territories.”  You must be blind to history NOT to see the direct parallel between that excuse and Hitler’s excuse for seizing Austria, Czechoslovakia and invading Poland.  Hitler had to protect “Germans.”  He had to defend “The Fatherland.”  Putin is “protecting Russians and defending The Motherland.”

Tell us, what is the difference?  This is a genie we thought we had put back in the bottle – and we did.  Presidents Reagan, Clinton and both Bushs kept that bottle tightly sealed.  Obama let it out.  He let this genie out of the bottle just like the 1930s’ leaders of France and Britain facing Hitler.  Those leaders groveled and whined.  After all, the whole world almost had signed a treaty in the 1920s outlawing war!  Is that the same thing as “being in the 21st Century”?

That whining in the 1930s brought us World War II and the Holocaust. What will we get this time?

Once Putin absorbs Crimea, what will stop his Red Army from taking Eastern Ukraine, Estonia or more if he so chooses?  Will the West stand up to him?  Remember, Poland and other former Russian captive states agreed to station U.S. anti-ballistic missiles on their territories.  Obama cancelled the deal.  Now, what if Russia supplies Iran with whatever it wants from the nuclear menu?  This is the genie that should never have been let out.

Could the U.S. intervene militarily in this area?  Not likely.  But ask: “What if Ronald Reagan were president?”  Would Putin take the chance?  After Reagan used force against Libya and rearmed the United States, Russia backed off from military action. They were blocked. The world’s a big place. You don’t have to move directly against the bully to convince the bully that you will make the move. You only need the bully to believe you will.

On the other side of the Eurasian landmass, we see China moving to take control of international waters and airspace, as well as islands that belong to other countries.

Even pacifist Japan sees what’s coming and now has a prime minister determined to rebuild the Japanese military.

Whenever a bully gets his way, he keeps going.  Just ask the psychologists and school administrators trying to cope with “mean girls” and boy-bullies who threaten and terrorize other kids on a daily basis.

The 21st Century has not delivered any respite form bullying, no matter how much our president and Secretary of State John Kerry whine.

Jimmy Carter learned the hard way that appeasing or retreating from challenges by bullies only leads to more of the same. For that matter, the whole world learned that lesson in 1939 after 5- years of retreating before Adolph Hitler. The opposite lesson was proven in the 1980s when a strong U.S. President Ronald Reagan faced down the bullies and restored American power.

“Power” is the key word.  When coupled with a determination to use it when necessary, “power” is seldom used.  When “power” is lost – or the will to use it denied – then you have wars.

The difference between “happy talk” as a foreign policy and a grim conviction to defend nations has always characterized the leadership of the United States when under either Democrat or Republican presidents in the last 40-years.  Democrats believe in “happy talk” just like Obama’s promise to “sit down” with Iran.  Republicans know better.  We as a nation should know better.

Barack Obama is an advocate of national weakness and foreign retreat.  His focus is domestic – his real time and energy are spent only on imposing national control over health care, energy, financial services and spying on all Americans.  He is a radical statist building a “state” along the lines of Orwell’s 1984.  Just ask our Sen. Dianne Feinstein about Obama’s spying on her.

On those matters, we know President Obama will use all his political power and strength.  But when it comes to maintaining a peaceful world order, there is nothing but his whining. The Ukraine knows it.  China knows it.  Vladimir Putin knows it.  Israel knows it.  Venezuela knows it.  The whole world knows it.

We will pay the price.  We always do.

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