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SiliconBeachClearly: Interview With YouTube Pop Star Jhameel

Posted Monday, March 31 – 8:52 a.m.

Latest breaking from L.A. is a city full of great music and and talented musicians. Not only do we have world-class, high-capacity performance venues like the Hollywood Bowl, Walt Disney Music Hall, The Forum and the Greek Theatre, there’s also the legendary clubs of the Sunset Strip such as the The Roxy, the Whisky a Go Go and the Viper Room. But the best places to see tomorrow’s stars before they make it big are the more intimate spots like the Hotel Cafe, The Mint and The Satellite.

SBC had a chance to sit down with up-and-coming pop sensation Jhameel, to learn about his path in music, from his first YouTube video (a stationary recording of him in his garage) to his new single, “Lion’s Den.”

SBC: Tell us about you. Where did you grow up?
Jhameel: I’m what they call an independent YouTube pop star, with my own high-end audio and video production team that triples as my live band and business team. My sound and style are often compared to Prince. We use social media and basic start-up company principles to leverage ourselves and grow in the online music community, and we hope to manage that growth to build a global brand.

A little about me personally … I’m originally from Minnesota, I’m a UC Berkeley graduate — I graduated in two years, summa cum laude. I was in the Army ROTC program, I play 14 instruments, and I speak five languages.

SBC: Finding the right team is something a lot of entrepreneurs are facing. Tell us a little bit about your team and how it came together.
Jhameel: We all met at Berkeley. Ryan Rubin plays bass, and Kasper Smits plays guitar. It all meshed well, as Ryan works at Interscope [Records] and became the manager and co-producer, and Kasper, who works at Anthem Films, became the video director and co-producer. We all had unique, complementary skills and talents.

SBC: What’s been your toughest decision thus far?
Jhameel: Choosing to go the independent route, hire our own people and manage our own business. It seemed to be a simple decision at first, but it’s been the biggest and most fulfilling endeavor of our lives.

SBC: It’s pretty evident that you guys know technology. Looking at the video for the new single, the production value is amazing. How has technology helped you, specifically which platforms?
Jhameel: Technology is everything to me and my team. Our entire fan base follows us and knows us because of social media. We are able to create high quality content because of the democratization of audio and video equipment. We make sure to constantly post interesting personal content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and constantly try to think of unique ways to keep engagement high and entertaining.

SBC: How our readers can support you, beyond just listening to your music?
Jhameel: I appreciate this question a lot. I think the best way for your readers to support us is (if they like our music) is to simply share our content with friends, family, and co-workers. It’s really what drives our project and inspires us to keep going.

We are all about transparency, meritocracy, and feedback, so if you have any comments, please let us know. On a bigger scale, there are so many avenues now to reach artists. If you are a fan of one, find a way to interact with them. That kind of support gives us artists such motivation to keep going.

SBC: What are some of your favorite places to go in L.A. for food and creativity sessions?
Jhameel: My favorite place to talk to people is Literati Cafe on Wilshire and Bundy. It has a great vibe and really good breakfast foods (breakfast foods are the best).

Jhameel just released his new single, “Lion’s Den.”

Other notables include “White Lie.”

And his very first uploaded video, “Rumblings of Our Birth.”

To learn more about Jhameel, visit his website.

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