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Why Are Russia And China Flexing Their Muscles While We Retreat?

From the Publisher Clif Smith

Power is an actual thing.  “Power” of a nation includes its financial strength, the size and capability of its armed forces, its technological prowess, and the dedication of its citizens.

When one nation has “power,” nations with less power tend to defer to those with power.

Power is not talk.  Power is real stuff.

Ever since the departure of Ronald Reagan as president, this nation has failed to sustain its power.  Whether the president was named Bush, Clinton or Obama, increasing our power has hardly been a priority.

George H.W. Bush, who won the first Gulf War, stopped production of cruise missiles part way through concluding that we didn’t need them.  He reduced Reagan’s military – especially his Navy – to save money.  Bush The First then turned around and gave that money away in wealth transfers and growing government.

Bill Clinton actually did a lot better.  In the first place, Clinton faced no serious military threat as the power of the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of Reagan’s buildup.  China was not yet a player on the international scene, although it was hard at work preparing.  Al Qaeda was hardly known outside counterterrorism circles.  Then George W. Bush came to power just as the airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Bush’s reaction is hard to be faulted.  He faced down Al Qaeda and the Taliban right away.  He had a buddy of sorts in Vladimir Putin.  But then, as the financial troubles broke, Bush the Second continued to grow government even as Democrats whined about the “Bush Tax Cuts.”  Well, at least Bush the Second “cut taxes.”

What a tax cut really means is that the people who earn the money can keep more of it.  This is different from a “tax increase,” which simply means that government takes more to give it away to people who do not produce.

The net result, as we’ve seen under President Barack Obama, is that so much has been sucked out of our economy by government that the private sector has too little to work with.  That’s why we have over half the people on some sort of government assistance.  As was reported this week, the United States has more people today on government assistance than the entire population of Great Britain.

That is the legacy of President Obama.  He has truly delivered “fundamental change” to this country.  We are borrowed to the hilt.  No one lends us money anymore.  Instead, we just print it.  Food prices are skyrocketing.  Farmers cannot get water to grow crops or feed livestock.  Our Navy has shrunk to pre-World War II levels and the same cuts are planned for the Army.

Russia and China see this.  Russia occupies the territory of another nation and is poised to invade that country and seize about half of it.  Catherine the Great and Josef Stalin would be proud.  China now claims massive tracts of offshore waters that have been international for centuries.  When our Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, this week called them on it in Beijing, they essentially told him to jump in those waters.  The Chinese defense minister said, bluntly and clearly, the Chinese hegemony is non-negotiable.  The New York Times reports that Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and others are directly threatened as China for the first time in four centuries is building a deep water navy to match and take out ours.  This is the legacy of Obama appeasement and weakness.  It will get worse.

In the meantime, government “wealth transfer payments,” meaning giveaways to those who will not work and produce, continue to increase.  If the Republicans even try to slow this down, they are denounced in the mainstream media and academia as hurting the poor.  Now we see those of college age borrowing a trillion dollars they can never repay just to survive.

Everything is proving Margaret Thatcher correct:  “Socialism fails because sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”

This week, we saw a minor stock market collapse.  The “smart money” people are all saying we’re on the verge of a financial collapse worse than 2008.  Let’s hope not.

What is not open for discussion is that government confiscation of the product of private labor and capital is growing.

What makes this tragic is the near or actual majority of Americans who don’t seem to mind.

Freedom and liberty we are told by our Founding Fathers, actual fathers and grandfathers, that those who fail to defend their liberty will lose it.

This should be a sobering thought for all of us as we watch militarists, dictators and totalitarian regimes grasp for territories, peoples and property.

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