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Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills High Students Skip School For Coachella

By Anton Saleh
Special to The Courier

Today marks the start to a massive migration of Beverly Hills adolescents to Indio Valley, California for the famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Coachella always features the world’s top musicians that appeal to a broad audience. Top hits for this year’s festival include: Arcade Fire, Muse, The Queens of The Stones Age and the comeback of OutKast.

Since Coachella starts on a Friday, many students leave the night before, skipping school in order to see many of the earlier shows. This has caused major attendance dilemmas for high schools around the area. The large number absences have led to a tougher attendance policy the days prior and immediately following the festival. In order to obtain an excused absence at Beverly Hills High School, students must present a doctor’s note at least a week in advance.

While the school’s reasoning is understood, students also have their own justification. It’s hard to juxtapose the value of a sentimental experience to your education. However, a current Beverly Hills High School Student who chose to remain anonymous said, “Each festival is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The memories you make with your friends in that atmosphere is something you won’t forget.” This reflects the mentality of most students, and along with Palm Springs forecasted 90-degree weather the quick drive to Coachella will still remain the premier getaway for many high schools students in the area.

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