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Trusting Paula Kent Meehan With The Courier – A Personal Note

From the Publisher Clif Smith

Our longtime friend, Paula Kent Meehan, has had an interest in The Courier for many years.  We share the same love of Beverly Hills and the same commitment to the City.  She will be an excellent steward of your newspaper.

When I became publisher of The Courier 10 years ago, I wrote the truth: a newspaper belongs to its community, not any particular owner or publisher.  Without the support and trust of its readers, a newspaper is just paper.

The Beverly Hills Courier, founded by March Schwartz, a former executive with The New York Times (who just turned 93), immediately became the voice and conscience of Beverly Hills.  For the last nine years, The Courier has ventured into public finance and accountabilily of public officials and employees.  We have faced the wrath of the Metropolitan Transit Authority and our own Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.  Zev, whom I’ve known for over 20 years, is stepping down from the Board of Supervisors.  He has served our community very well, but for some reason he is determined to jeopardize our children, school staff, school district and City.  The Courier has been steadfast in exposing the threats to Beverly Hills.  Well, people disagree.

Serving as publisher of The Beverly Hills Courier has been the finest experience I have ever had.  I love Beverly Hills – I have since I was about five years old.  The best part of Beverly Hills is the magic created by its people.  The community of Beverly Hills is warm, gracious and welcoming.  Even the people who don’t like you are generally civil and courteous.

Paula is a proven philanthropist with only the best of intentions.  Her name now appears on the restored Beverly Hills Post Office as part of the new Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.  She is dedicated to helping our weakest members – our pets.  She personally funded two Rose Parade floats to promote adopting homeless pets and promoting Beverly Hills.

She intends to name Marcia Wilson Hobbs as my successor – a decision I heartily applaud.

In the end, you–the readers and members of our community–will judge whether The Courier remains your trusted source for information.

I have the highest confidence that you will continue to judge The Courier very, very highly as you now do.


Clif Smith



Lucky me.

As a long-time resident of Beverly Hills and a great fan of The Beverly Hills Courier, it is very exciting for me to announce that I have just made an agreement to purchase the newspaper.

Clifton Smith, the publisher of The Beverly Hills Courier, and his wife, Candace, have been friends of mine for many years. I appreciate his confidence in me.

Marcia Hobbs, also a friend for many years, has been the associate publisher of The Courier and now will become the publisher. With the great leadership of Marcia, The Courier will continue to do well in the years ahead of us.

As the previous owner of Redken Products, I know that listening and learning from the staff, readers and clients is incredibly important.

So please, as I embark on this most exciting project, I will be asking for input and advice from you. I don’t know if I will have all the answers, but will certainly apply myself to listening and learning to ensure that The Courier has the right kind of news to fully answer the needs and questions of its readers.

I need and want input from our readers to know what your questions are so we at The Courier can answer them and, hopefully heed such suggestions. Marcia Hobbs and I will want to hear from you and your ideas will be given every consideration.

Thank you and I am look forward to this most exciting time as the owner of The Beverly Hills Courier.

Thank you

Paula Kent Meehan

P.S—For many years, I have have owned Kenquest, my business on Cañon Drive in Beverly Hills.  We will soon be relocating the offices of The Courier into my Kenquest building.

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