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The Election Results Are In


Tuesday’s primary results are in and what was the big surprise–the shockingly low voter turnout.

Generally the Los Angeles turnout was one of the lowest in history–only 12.4-percent of registered voters actually made the effort to put a stamp on an absentee ballot. Sadly, the well-heeled, well-educated, compassionate, and generous residents of Beverly Hills turnout was only a few percentage points higher – 16.2-percent – which translates to 3,520 voters. How could that be you may ask? It has certainly been a conversation in our newsroom today.

Could it be the lack of competition in contested races? Hardly – there were 18 candidates vying to replace Congressman Henry Waxman. There were 8 candidates to replace Los Angeles Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, and 7 candidates to replace Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca – all of whom served honorably for decades, so the winners have a fairly good guarantee of job security. In our newsroom, we are scratching our heads that a fundamental duty of citizenship has been so roundly ignored and hope you will enlighten us through your letters to the Editor.

The Courier has always taken seriously its role as the watchdog of government, but always felt we were in partnership with you in the search for transparent, efficient, cost effective, and responsive government. We try to do our part with articles explaining issues, sometimes criticizing and sometimes laying out alternatives. But it is you who implement by casting your ballot, you are the foundation of democracy–I sincerely hope you will consider your role.

We congratulate those we endorsed–Ted Lieu, Sheila Kuehl, and Jim McDonnell–on their victories. We also note that Beverly Hills’ resident Elan Carr was leading the pack in his race. We wish them them all good luck in the next round.

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