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Mother Knows Best – Belmont Village Moms Share Words To Live By

Posted Monday June 30, 2014 4:02 pm Most would agree that a mother’s advice —eat your vegetables, watch your pennies they grow into dollars, or just be yourself —are pearls of wisdom that stand the test of time.  As a Mother’s Day tribute and a service to children of all ages, we asked Belmont Village residents from the Westwood, Hollywood Hills and Encino communities to share some of their sage observations with us.

• On the value of time…Author Sylvia Lieberman offers a simple piece of advice. “I realize after all of these years not to sweat the small stuff, because you can waste a lot of valuable time and energy if you do.”

• On raising children… Retired administrative assistant Lorraine Aprill says, “To rear successful children you need a strong hand but also gentility, firmness and love…..and to remember that the word ‘no’ does not mean maybe.”

• On aging well… “I tell my daughter that getting old is not so bad if you can have fun getting there,” says Mary Alice Birault, PhD, a retired multicultural professor. “It is fun for me to view life at Belmont Village like a botanical garden filled with many flowers. I am stimulated by the cultural diversity and a variety of social, intellectual and physical activity.”

• On travel…Retired school registrar Estelle Frank gave her three sons the same advice about travel. “Do all the traveling when you are young, when you have mobility and can eat anything that you want. Because when you retire, your days are still filled with interesting activity but you just want to stay a little closer to home.”

• On disagreements…”Just remember, you are going where I have been,” said Frank. “You will find out that I am right.”

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