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Health & Beauty—BH Dentist Dr. Janet Refoa Relocates To Better Serve Her Patients

Pictured: Dentist Dr. Janet Refoa and Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse at the grand opening of the new JJP Dental practice to Wilshire Boulevard.

Dentist Dr. Janet Refoa has taken her legendary bedside manner and her JJP Dental practice to Wilshire Boulevard.

After 20 years on North Bedford, the new location, 8660 Wilshire, allows her to provide even more of the care and services that have earned her a large, loyal and loving patient base. Dr. Refoa has clients who say, “I never experienced dentistry until Janet. She is tender and truly cares about her patients as people.”

“Dr. Refoa is a superstar professional who knows how to take care of a person’s overall treatment, inside and out,” says patient Eunice Clarke who was impressed with Refoa’s “contagious, endearing spirit.” The first time she visited the office she was lost, says Clarke, “but I just followed her laugh and I found her.”

Her dental clinic does everything including general dentistry, implants, endodontics, periodontics, and cosmetic dentistry like veneers, Invisalign and more. Dr. Refoa is considered a premier Invisalign dentist, where she straightens patients’ teeth without using braces.

Dr. Refoa’s been in what she terms her patients’ “dental home,” since May, but celebrated the grand opening with a ribbon cutting and proclamation from Mayor Lili Bosse in July.

Dr. Refoa is no ordinary dentist. She is an expert in the field of anti-aging dentistry and a strong advocate of preventive dentistry. “Preventing pain, discomfort and cost is the basis for preventive dentistry,” says Dr Refoa, and the philosophy on which Refoa has built her practice, not on expensive procedures.

Dr. Refoa lectures at Beverly Hills schools on the importance of brushing and flossing to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and more. She sees patients 2 and up and “is very good with children.”

“The mouth responds to prevention 100 percent,” says Refoa, who works “to get inside the heads of people neglecting their mouths.” A lot of people don’t go see a dentist out of fear,” she adds, “but they have options. They can watch TV or we can put them to sleep.” Dr. Refoa has equipment that precisely monitors the amount of nitrous oxide given to patents. “I want to figure out why someone is not going to the dentist when we can easily treat them without pain. And I don’t want people to wait for an emergency to come in.”

One of her mottos is “give teeth a chance” and she’s famous for saving teeth. “I don’t go for the easy fix,” says Refoa. “Where as other dentists would recommend extraction and an implant, which is not always successful, I’ve helped patients save a tooth for 5-18 years.” Dr. Refoa recommends a second opinion if a dentist recommends pulling a tooth and an implant.

Customer service at JJP Dental includes after-hours appointments for busy patients and lots of information. Dr. Refoa had a patient who came in on an emergency basis with a tooth falling out. “He was seeing a colleague of mine I thought was a good dentist,” says Refoa. “He said, ‘but I see my dentist every six months.’ I lot of people think they’re being taken care of, but they’re not. A lot of dentists don’t address issues like TMJ or give basic information.”

Refoa “is crazy,” she says, about taking continuing-education courses, way more than required for annual license renewal. “I’m not doing anything now that I learned in school,” Refoa says. “Dentistry has changed that much.”

Refoa is also a strong advocate of the latest technology and her office is filled with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment. “Often, by detecting hairline cracks on a patient’s teeth, I have been able to save them from having unnecessary root canals and crowns. This is all because of the technology; where I would have missed this opportunity for my patients without it,” says Dr. Refoa.

Her passion comes from being a little girl living in Iran, who was taken to the dentist in London, and learning she had nine cavities. “I didn’t know about flossing or dental care. I decided right then and there to become a dentist to help others.”

Finding a new home for her multi -specialty practice is the the fulfillment of a dream for Refoa. The new space is twice as big (with more rear and street parking) as her former location where everything concerning her patients’ teeth is taken care of under one roof.

Another dream is creating “Dental Day;” a day when local dentists do pro bono work for “people who can’t afford services and are falling through the cracks.” Mayor Bosse is enthusiastic, and the Beverly Hills Rotary Club, of which she’s a longtime member, is also lending support.

She also a life member of Haddasah, board member of TeenLine, and a member of Sinai Temple.

JJP Dental Practice is at 8660 Wilshire Blvd. For more information, call 310-276-2009 or visit Prospective patients may also email and find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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