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Dishing It Up With Sharon Insul—Getting Out The Earth Tones For A Festive Fall

Posted: Friday, September 12, 2014 – 7:06 PM

Although it’s September and after Labor Day, I am still wearing white. Were those shouts of OMG, turning to ripples of whispers, as they make their way across the country? And far worse—are the groans that I am imagining from other parts of the world?

Yes, yes, I did say I am still wearing white after Labor Day. However—and there is an however—if you have been keeping up with my columns of twist, turns, and tips, you all would know that there is a little bit more to this shameful admission of wearing white after Labor Day.

For those of you, living in more seasonal climates, and already gearing up for the upcoming nippier months, I have tons of fall and winter tablescapes with new twists, and ideas on the tired, been-there- done-that, ho-hum, ordinary, run of the mill—phew! Well I think you get the idea.

Now people hang in; I’m just getting to the main course. Go ahead grab your water, tea, coffee, after fiveish taste … or your pick-me-up protein bar, and read on.

So while I sit here, wearing my whites in 80-plus degree weather, (26.6667 celcius plus, for my out-of-country friends) windows flung open to the max, I promise to entertain, entice, and excite you with my new fall ideas. I say again, promise—honest.

I have begun unearthing my fall-toned linens, and various tabletop pieces. While gearing my color pallet to earth tones, of rust, amber, burgundy, I have also opted to blend a dusky (not to be confused with dusty) gray, pops of brilliant orange, and a splash of taxi-cab yellow.

Pictured here is a mere sampling of a fall table setting, which includes my vintage dusky-gray patterned dinnerware, found in a charity thrift store. I then added a brilliant terracotta/orange plate, dusky gray soup bowl, taxi-cab yellow napkin, and yellow earthenware votive holder. Copper candlesticks and a low floral arrangement, complete this sampling of an upcoming fall table.

Can you feel it, that distinctive nip in the air? Can you see it, the shimmering brilliance of the leaves, as they turn from deep forest green to vibrant take-your-breath-away yellows, oranges, and heart warming burgundy, and rust. I can almost hear the rustling of the leaves as the wind, systematically works it’s way through the trees, creating a showering of falling leaves. And , if you listen closely, you can hear the crunching under foot, of fallen leaves.

Sharon Insul is the former owner of the popular Beverly Hills boutique Candle light and…

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