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New Year, New You!—Start 2015 Addiction Free With Help From Roy Nelson and The Nelson Method

Roy Nelson

Posted: Friday, January 2, 2015 – 5:79 PM

Roy Nelson has been to hell and back.

He was “a hopeless case with a hopeless condition,” he reveals —morbidly obese and dependent on alcohol, cigarettes and pills—anything that would bring him relief from the crushing pain he felt.

Yet he discovered a way to help himself, and now he’s using his method to help others.

“A lot of people are suffering,” says Nelson, “with nowhere to turn. They’re addicted to drinking, gambling, sex, food, and even socially acceptable things like shopping and plastic surgery. They are also plagued with problems that lead to addiction—depression, panic attacks, fear, anxiety and loneliness.”

These addictions are all just symptoms of deeper problems, advises Nelson. His goal is to help people “align with their deeper self.”

Treating these symptoms with pills or other means doesn’t address the underlying problem, Nelson says. He works to help clients feel safe and face their demons—“confront themselves and the feelings they may have buried in themselves since childhood—which they weren’t emotionally equipped to deal with at the time. “When these feelings come too close to us, we withdraw, and cope by eating, drinking, ingesting, shooting up or whatever,” Nelson says.

So he developed his proprietary Nelson Method, which for more than 25 years he has used to help those who can’t quit their addictions by any other means and are desperate to stop.

In the 28-day outpatient program clients see him daily, and “I help them face the underlying causes and realize that while the problem is deeper than they think; they no longer have to suffer.” Nelson says. Many lose interest in their addictions after their first visit, he reports.

• In the “Discovery” phase he has people look at themselves and their history. For example, clients often come to see that they have been using many negative habits to get relief from their inner pain, fear and guilt, Nelson says.

• He likens the “Excavation” phase to “defragging the master computer” of the psyche. He teaches new ways of living that change the ideas and beliefs that caused a client to create problems they thought they could only handle in a self-destructive way.

“In a nutshell,” says Nelson, “It’s a process of unlearning faulty data, learning that’s there is nothing that can’t be forgiven, and finding a spiritual solution by connecting to the sweet spirit within. Then it’s onto expansive living.” 

Nelson had nobody who had overcome all of the addictions to show him the way, he says. So he has “gathered pieces of truth from various places and people that helped him heal so he could be a resource for those suffering from a ‘soul-sickness’.” He likes to tell people he’s “healed, not cured.”      

What sets Nelson apart is the heart-to-heart connection clients get while in a completely private setting in the warmth of his home. The depth of his personal experience gives them hope and they feel heard and loved. His individualized concierge service can also accommodate his client’s scheduling needs.      

Also, with addicts, there’s the phenomenon where people substitute one addiction for another. Alcoholics, for example, often put on weight after getting sober. The Nelson Method helps a person effortlessly achieve total freedom from all addictions.      

Quick to point out he’s not a doctor, (he has doctors he recommends for medical issues) his system always works, he says. One client was 500 pounds and is now 185 with a successful career and “open and receptive to life.”

Clients also get “a friend for life” with Nelson. “I’m always available to continue the mentorship, at no additional charge, as long as the person has a good attitude and is willing to do ongoing work.”

For more information, visit, email or call 800-609-4061.

Roy Nelson’s new book Love Notes from Hell: Stories of Hopeless Addiction, Obsession and Freedom is now available on

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