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Beverly Hills News – Time Capsule Dedicated to Honor the First 100 Years Sunday at Will Rogers Park


Updated: Sunday, January 25, 2015 – 4:42 PM

Beverly Hills celebrated the end of the Centennial Year with a beautiful and fitting memorial celebration of the first one hundred years today, enjoying the fine winter weather at Will Rogers Memorial Park for the festive Time Capsule Dedication.

Many of the Centennial Committee volunteers were there to see the Centennial to its conclusion, as were members of the Recreation and Parks Commission including Robbie Anderson and Frances Bilak and Vice Chair Simone Freedman, former mayors Vicki Reynolds, Jimmy Delshad and Linda Briskman and Mayor Lili Bosse, Vice Mayor Julian Gold and Council members John Mirisch and Nancy Krasne. Community Services Director Steve Zoet and Assistant Community Services Director Nancy Hunt Coffey were also there. Marcia Hobbs, Publisher and President of the Beverly Hills Courier attended as well.

Centennial Rose Committee Chair Kathy Rothner described the time capsule and introduced Robbie Anderson, author of Beverly Hills: The First 100 Years, who announced that he will soon be “assuming the helm” of the Beverly Hills Historical Society

Anderson evoked the memory of his Great Grandmother, a single woman with two children, who, in 1912, built the Beverly Hills Hotel around which the City grew. The fountain will soon bear a plaque to commemorate Margaret Anderson, who donated the park to the City of Beverly Hills in 1915.

Inside the Time Capsule, 100 years from now, future City of Beverly Hills citizens will find several mementos of the Centennial Year, including  postcard invitations to the Centennial Tree Planting, a Biehl Family photo on vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho, A photo of Marguerite Carlucci at the Step and Repeat banner highlighting the sponsors of the Beverly Hills Centennial Concert, a photo of Donna and Ray Flade at the Beverly Hills Police Department Black & White Ball 2011, a photo of Brenda and Zale Richard Rubins with the Beverly Hills Days images presented at City Council in fall 2014, a photo of team Beverly Hills with 90H20 water from Jon Gluck and a 90H20 water bottle, a flash drive with the entire book, Beverly Hills: The First 100 Years by Robbie Anderson, the Centennial Concert program, a program of the Ceremonial Groundbreaking for the Beverly Gardens Lily Pond, the artist’s sketch of the Centennial Celebration Birthday Cake that fed 15,000 people on Rodeo Drive from the Luxe Hotel, the Roxbury Park Grand Reopening program, a Time Capsule Dedication program and a photo of all the Chairperson for the Centennial Committee. 

In addition, the Good Shepard Catholic School including a school logo cutout from a sweatshirt and Markham Hillel Hebrew Academy included a photo of the school administrators. Mt. Cavalry Lutheran Church included a postcard for the church.

Marcia Hobbs, Publisher of the Beverly Hills Courier included a printout of the cover page of January 3, 2014. Beverly Hills Heritage included a clipping from the Beverly Hills Weekly and the Beverly Hills Courier for the Beverly Hills Heritage, a business card, a list of founding Board members, and a list of Advisory Board members with a copy of the mission statement. The Beverly Hills Historical Society included a photo of a view of the City from the top of Alpine Drive in 1912 and another photo of the same view in 2014. The Beverly Hills Weekly printed out a cover page of their January 30, 2014 issue and February 5, 2014 issue. The Friends of Greystone included a photo and description of Greystone and Friends of the Board. The Friends of the Library included a small booklet regarding the Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library.

The City Council slid the box into place with much fanfare and flashbulbs and the ceremony was concluded with light refreshments. It was a fitting end to a banner Centennial Celebration.



Posted: Sunday, January 18, 2015 – 1:30 PM

By Victoria Talbot

The final event of the 2014 Beverly Hills Centennial Year is almost upon us, when the celebration culminates in the Time Capsule Dedication on Sunday, Jan. 25 at Will Rogers Memorial Park at 2 p.m.

After a year of festivities that included art, music, dance, postage stamps, a giant cake, a block party for over 15,000 people, Taste of Beverly Hills, a parade of horses, Ferris wheels, fireworks, Santa Clause scaling buildings, tree-planting, a new rose to commemorate the centennial, 100-year-old cars, concerts and composers and . . . did I forget anything?

It was the year of the endless Centennial Celebration, and finally it is over.

The dedication will be hosted by the City of Beverly Hills City Council and Centennial Committee. Members will dedicate the time capsule and bury it among the newly created Centennial Rose Bushes in the park.

It brings to mind the challenges of the years ahead, the unknown and what can be accomplished in 100 years. 

Already we look ahead to see that the City and its surrounding City of  Los Angeles will be altered by the addition of light rail and subways. A new LAX is coming (again). It is difficult to imagine what impact this transit system will have on the City.

The City’s forefathers could not have imagined the worldwide impact that the City would have 100 years hence. For example, could Will Rogers have imagined that the City would be partnering with Beijing to create a world-class celebration of Chinese New Year beginning Feb. 1?

The event is at Will Rogers Memorial Park from 2-3 p.m. on Jan. 25. The public is invited and no reservations are required. Street parking is available. For more details call 310-288-2220 or visit

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