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Beverly Hills News – New Charges for Water Capacity, Wastewater Sought

Posted: Saturday, January 31, 2015 – 2:05 PM

By Victoria Talbot

The City Council will consider new water and wastewater capacity charges Tuesday, for water service in Beverly Hills and a portion of West Hollywood served by the Public Works. 

Council members John Mirisch and Willie Brien, liaison committee members for the Public Works Commission, support the proposed new framework.

The new plan charge structure will be assessed on both new construction and substantial remodels and additions for residential, commercial and mixed use projects that pose an increase the use of water to the project.

The City has experienced a boom in construction in the past few years, resulting in higher water consumption. 

The plan will insure the financial support needed to upgrade and implement new storage and delivery of water into the future.

Rate payers’ investment in the existing structure has continued since the early 1900’s. The system in place has been paid for by past and current customers. Current water rates are not adequate to support projects that expand and maintain the water system to meet future needs. 

The  Public Utilities Commission has discussed the fairness of levying the cost of expanding the water system to existing customers. To address the fairness and equality issue, the commission recommends that water capacity charges be applied to new customers and customers with remodels of a substantial capacity increase. The funds will be applied so that the City can expand its water system to accommodate future users.

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