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Beverly Hills News – Suge Knight Hires Robert Blake, Michael Jackson Attorney, Tom Mesereau for Defense

Posted: Friday, May 29, 2015 – 12:31 PM

(CNS) – An attorney who successfully defended pop superstar Michael Jackson against child molestation charges formally took over the case today against former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight, charged with murder for allegedly running down two men in Compton and killing one of them.

Well-known defense attorney Tom Mesereau — who also represented actor Robert Blake for a time in a murder case — replaced Knight’s former attorney, Matthew Fletcher.

“Mr. Knight, you, in fact, want Mr. Mesereau to be your attorney?” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephen A. Marcus asked.

“Yes, I do,” Knight responded.

Mesereau — the latest in a string of attorneys for Knight — told the judge he will need more time to prepare for a hearing on a motion to dismiss the case based on the evidence presented at a hearing in April in which Knight was ordered to stand trial.

The motion is now scheduled to be heard July 7. Knight also is due back in court that day on a separate case in which he is charged along with comedian Micah “Katt” Williams with stealing a camera from a paparazzo in Beverly Hills last September.

Outside court, Mesereau told reporters, “I have had hours of discussions with Mr. Knight and I am convinced he’s innocent. This case is going to be tried in a courtroom, not the media.”

Knight, 50, is charged with one count each of murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run for allegedly killing 55-year-old Terry Carter and injuring Cle “Bone” Sloan on Jan. 29 with his pickup truck in the parking lot of Tam’s Burgers in the 1200 block of West Rosecrans Avenue.

He was out on bail at the time in the robbery case, but has been behind bars since his Jan. 30 arrest by Los Angeles County sheriff’s homicide investigators in connection with Carter’s death.

Knight had refused to come out of his jail cell Wednesday, insisting that he was sick.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald S. Coen — who was scheduled to set a new date on the robbery case — said then he would order that Knight be physically removed and brought to court if he refused to come out of his cell again.

Knight has had a series of medical problems since being arrested. He was hospitalized on at least three different occasions following court hearings.

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