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Bel-Air Homeowners Alliance Calls For Open Community Election In Fred Rosen’s Scathing Letter To BAA President

Posted: Monday, June 29, 2015 – 4:35 PM

In a scathing letter sent this weekend by Bel-Air Homeowners Alliance President and CEO Fred Rosen to Bel-Air Association President Ron Hudson, Rosen and the BAHOA called for an open election in Bel-Air on the heels of transparency concerns facing the BAA.

The BAHOA, formed last year, has been a stalwart backing Bel-Air residents in their battles against unruly construction, including 901 Strada Vecchia and the Somma Way project. The BAA, meanwhile, has been under fire for publicly refusing to take stands against those very same projects and in some cases, working with the developers. BAHOA members, including Courier President & Publisher Marcia Hobbs, have taken the BAA to task publicly for refusing to release information on BAA board members and their salaries.

Rosen’s letter is printed in full below:



I saw a play last night and there was a line that  made me think about you and the Bel-Air Association (BAA). It was said by Harold Wilson (a former Prime Minister of Great Britain, that’s a country across the ocean) and I quote: “He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.” Can you think of a more appropriate quote for you and the BAA, a dying organization which resists change and acts out a charade of representing the entire Bel Air Community, when in fact it does not? Your presence at community meetings is an embarrassment to all of us and your demeanor is more suited to being a candidate for Forest Lawn than being an advocate for our community. What are you hanging onto? You can’t do the job and its clear Paulette can’t, so the question is what are you all hiding? At some point we are going to find out – depositions will be starting soon. 

Let me be clear, these emails are meant to be direct. I am merely advocating the position and opinion of all of our supporters – we have no idea how you got your position. The meeting next week is not lawfully called, you have no right to keep people in the community out of the BAA because they don’t agree with your policies and the BAA has completely failed the community. If you really had the community’s interests at heart, you would meet with the Alliance and hold an open election. Anyone in Bel-Air can vote, you put up a slate and we’ll put up a slate and then let the whole community decide. We’re open to a complete democratic process, are you?

The community is too small to have two disparate voices and it’s counterproductive (only a lawyer would come up with that solution, it is a solution, but its not very practical). The purpose of a Board is to have those voices in constructive dialogue to make policy. In business, all of you at the BAA would be replaced and on that there is no issue. Abysmal record, siding with developers, no action on projects that have seriously impacted the community, and membership declining by more than 50 percent. Those are the facts and they all lead to one conclusion – and we don’t need Donald Trump for this – fire everyone. Even the proxy you sent out, there isn’t one biography of any of the people who are running. Where do they live? What are their accomplishments? Are they stakeholders in the community? You’re not – you live in an apartment by the freeway. Three sets of husbands and wives, how does that make for an impartial board with people of differing views? It’s abysmal and disgraceful governance.

I’m including many people on this email since you circulated my prior correspondence to the community, including lawyers, and you should note that while all sides have rights to counsel, counsel’s job is find excuses for their clients behavior, something your counsel has done very well, but it doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t change the facts, or our feelings to you and the BAA. 

I made you a proposal about an open community election with everyone who is a stakeholder in the community having the right to vote. Do you have the integrity to follow the right course of action? Or is this about protecting the jobs of Paulette and you, and your salaries? Furthermore, the Alliance would be open to splitting the cost of the meeting place, proxy and the mailing. 

You know how to find us.  FYI, I intend to send this note to all our supporters, why don’t you also send it to the remainder of your membership.

Fredric D. Rosen, President & CEO

Bel-Air Homeowners Alliance

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