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Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Post Office Service Fails AGAIN!

Posted: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 – 4:14 PM

Beverly Hills residents and businesses have experienced disrupted postal services for the second time in eight days, said Marcia Hobbs, Publisher of The Courier. 

The Courier building at the corner of North Santa Monica Boulevard and Canon Drive did not receive any mail today, except two books, for all the tenants. The same thing happened last week, three days in a row.

Several calls to the post office went virtually unanswered. 

Postage was finally delivered Wednesday, at 4:45 p.m., following several calls and trips to the post office. Delivery was disrupted in the 90210-area, said the postman who delivered the mail. His services were enlisted to bring the postage when he was about to clock out for the day. “I was on my way home,” he said, explaining that he delivers to another segment of the City. “The regular carrier is not here.”

Frustration with the postal service is widespread. “It’s not just this post office,” he said, wishing to remain anonymous. “I have it at my own house. And no one takes complaints.”

In Beverly Hills, the postmaster, Koula Fuller, could not be reached.

The United States Postmaster General and CEO of the USPS is Megan J. Brennan. 

The Courier is starting a new feature. We would like our readers to submit their post office stories for publication in The Courier.  Please submit your stories to or call 310-278-1322 and ask for Victoria Talbot.

One response to “Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Post Office Service Fails AGAIN!”

  1. Garth Bishop says:

    Sorry to hear about missing mail deliveries at the Courier. Hopefully this is an aberration and won’t occur often.
    Sadly everyone picks on the PO because it is supposed to be the steady rock in everybody’s life— but as you all know the financial storm clouds from 2006 which burdened the PO with pre-paying 75 years of pension obligations has turned all their financing topsy-turvy resulting in overall uncertainty and duress in the ranks—along with downsizing hundred of thousands.
    So, pray, be patience everybody and give the hard working PO employees time to sort it all out.
    Seems to me the complaint about slow delivery on one day give testimony to how important the PO is in everyone’s lives— and can serve as an impetus to lifting this onerous financial burden off the PO to the benefit of everyone.
    Maybe the best solution is to send your comments and complaints to Congress who imposed the 75 year pension early payoff which is totally out of line with other public sector pension nationwide. Imagine if BH had the same requirement?

    Garth Bishop
    604 N Sierra Dr

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