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Beverly Hills News – Residents Agree: Beverly Hills Post Office Fails To Deliver: UPDATED

Updated: Friday, August 21, 2015 – 5:24 PM

As of Friday, August 21 at 5:25 p.m., The Courier has received over 27 calls and dozens of emails. 

It seems that Beverly Hills has one of the worst postal delivery records anywhere without consideration for courtesy and customer service, according to our readers.

Among the complaints heard again and again:

– Late delivery or none at all

– No one answers the phone at the Post Office

– Customer service window opened irregularly and often not at all

– Tracking notifies customers that a package has been delivered but it has not been delivered. Several readers explained that they had CCTV, were expecting a package, and waited, watching for a delivery and there was no delivery. 

– Packages that are not delivered can only be recovered if the customer approaches the driver and asks him/her to check the truck again; they are not being held at the post office.

– Mail is thrown across the lawn, instead of being placed in a mail slot

– Mail for an entire block or building or series of buildings is left in a bin in a public place

– Mail carriers leave mail on the doorstep so they don’t have to bend down to put it into door slots

– Delivery occurs in the middle of the night, the postal carrier donning a miner’s light

– Delivery of large manila envelopes and small packages can take between 2 weeks and 3 months

– Pick up at the post office is confrontational when packages are tracked as “delivered”

– Packages are opened, smashed, stomped on

– When confronted at the post office on the rare occasions when there is a live human being, many have been told that they are lucky to get any mail at all

– Without exception, every postal customer that called or wrote expressed shock that the situation had deteriorated to such a level

– Every postal customer expressed a feeling of frustration and helplessness after numerous attempts at customer service failed

– Commerce and business have been severely impacted; Checks are late, rents are late, business is held up, medications do not arrive . . . the City is held hostage by the postal service and there is no alternative.

– Many customers believe that they are being targeted by the USPS for a complaint; many feel that there will be retribution if they are named. Many expressed a sense that they were the “only ones” who were under this strain. Many were anxious to let out pent up frustrations that have boiled for weeks, months, years. 

We will continue to follow this story and to be proactive in seeking a solution. 

Posted Thursday, August 20 – 6:25 PM

By Victoria Talbot

When Beverly Hills residents and businesses experience disrupted postal services they should tell The Courier, said Marcia Hobbs, Courier President and Publisher.

The Courier’s office at 499 N. Canon Drive has its own problems; the building did not receive any mail Wednesday, except two books, for all the building’s tenants. No mail was delivered for three days last week.

Calls to the post office went virtually unanswered.

When the postage was finally delivered Wednesday, at 4:45 p.m., following several calls and trips to the post office, the postman said that all delivery was disrupted in the 90210-area. His services were enlisted when he was about to clock out for the day.

“I was on my way home,” he said, explaining that he delivers to another segment of the City. “The regular carrier is not here,” he said.

“The regular carrier is not here,” he said.

Postmaster Koula Fuller did not answer or return calls from The Courier.

She has served the USPS in Beverly Hills since 1982. Beverly Hills generates $25 million in revenue annually with an operating budget of $10 million, according to her LinkedIn page. 

Clearly, dissatisfaction with the Beverly Hills Post Office is widespread.

The Courier is starting a new feature. In our online edition, we invited our readers to submit their post office stories for publication in The Courier.

We believe we hit a nerve: within minutes of the eblast, we began to receive phone calls and emails.

“I have had a PO Box at the main BH branch on Maple Drive for years,” wrote one reader. “This past year the mail has been a nightmare. I receive all business correspondence at this PO Box where often the mail has been several weeks late or ‘lost.’ This is especially frustrating for my tenants who have had to send additional rent checks to me and make top payments on the original checks. Some of the mail that I receive late must have been lying on the post office floor because the envelopes are dirty and have show tread marks on them . . . If you have any suggestions or ideas how to rectify this, please let me know.

One resident told of how the postal service left notes of delivery failure, but never tried to deliver a package the carrier claimed was too big. A table, the postal service had delivered it from the East Coast and if the recipient had not gone to the post office, it would have been returned, he said. That saga is currently a court case.

Another reader called in to say that on Lago Vista Dr. off Coldwater Canyon, his neighborhood had not received mail from Saturday, Aug. 8 through Wednesday, Aug. 12. He also said that oversized 11x 9 envelopes take one – two weeks for delivery from the San Fernando Valley.

“I’m so happy your paper has called out the disaster that is the Beverly Hills Post Office publicly for their terrible service,” wrote another. “I live on Oakhurst Drive and from the minute I moved in there were problems:

NEVER received any of my DSW shoe coupons ever again.

NEVER was successful in speaking to anyone on the phone at the BHPO regarding any issues. NOBODY EVER ANSWERS THE PHONE!!! Left groceries on my stoop for their annual collection for charity and the postman never took the groceries. The BHPO on Maple Drive is Machiavellian in size and there are never enough agents working behind the desk. Also it is NEVER stocked with postal materials. The floors are littered – but lucky for me, they don’t sweep ‘cause I found $20 once!

If you ask the name of one of their employees they will flatly refuse to give it to you. They won’t get the manager if you ask, either.” 

One resident wrote:

“I don’t even know where to start  🙁

Today I received mail addressed to the same house number at a different street.

I regularly receive someone else’s mail – same house number but the next street over, correct street but 2 numbers of the address reversed, or an inversion of the 6 and the 9 in the house address. It is interesting to learn the names of my neighbors this way – including some celebrities, but I wonder if they are as nice about re-delivering my mail correctly as I am about re-delivering their mail to the correct house?

Then there were the incidents this past spring and again this summer. I have a mail slot located at the bottom of my front door, approximately 5-6 inches above the bottom.  I happened to be home when my mail was delivered and I immediately noticed that the mail was left on my front mat (outside) instead of being placed through the mail slot.  I ran after the mail carrier to inquire as to 1) why he didn’t use the slot and 2) to ask why I had not received any mail at all the previous day. I was told that 1) it was too much effort for him to bend down to reach the mail slot and 2) he had not delivered mail the day before and he didn’t know what had happened.

As it happened, we were expecting 2 large checks to be delivered on one of these 2 days. I asked the mail carrier to please check if there was any other mail for us as he had delivered only 2 items (and of course there was no mail the day before which was highly unusual). A little while later, he returned with several more pieces of mail, including the two checks!!!! If I had not asked, who knows if I ever would have received my checks?

I was also concerned that if my mail had been left on the front mat while we were out of town, someone could have assumed we were away and broken into the house and/or someone could have stolen my mail. This was not the first time mail has been left on the front mat, and I’m sure it was not the last.

Going back a few years, there was the period of time (1-2 months as I recall) during which we either did not receive any mail at all, or our mail was delivered after 11 pm at night! A supervisor and I became very friendly (daily phone calls!) until things were finally rectified (the mail carrier was leaving at 5 pm for a second job and then having family members deliver the mail from private vehicles later at night). During that time, we missed several important pieces of mail including wedding invitations, etc.

Until such time as all correspondence is conducted over the Internet or by fax, we need the USPS, however I am less than impressed with their ability to deliver our mail correctly.”

Wrote Howard Celnik:

This issue with, the Beverly Hills Post office fails again, is nothing new to any of us here in Beverly Hills. I have been a resident of Beverly Hills for only ten years now, though in those ten years, there have been numerous times that the Beverly Hills Post office fails to deliver mail to my humble one bedroom apartment.

Several months ago, I decided that I was going to complain about it, though when I looked up the telephone number to call with my complaint, the phone number listed was disconnected. 

If I could not perform my job at work, I would get fired. Apparently, that’s not a concern with our Beverly Hills Post Office employees who will eventually get to retire with full benefits, including comprehensive health insurance. I will not, even though I work in the medical field for over 23 years serving residents in a skilled nursing facility.

To think, before moving to Beverly Hills, I had a single-family home in Reseda, California for a number of years. My mail was always delivered, and I gave a gift check every year for the holidays to my post office carrier. I have not felt compelled to do this since moving here. Shame on you Beverly Hills Post Office employees!”

Annemarie Herrera wrote, “The post office is a mess! My brothers retired from the postal service and they really have a lot of criticism on how they deteriorated. They thin the service should be removed from their name.”

In 1933 Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills Will Rogers wrote to the Secretary of the United States Treasury, “…it seems you owe us $250,000.00 to build a post office and they can’t get the dough 

out of you.” The United States paid $300,000 for the building on Crescent Drive designed by architect Ralph Flewelling in 1936.

Then, in 1984, Fuller took the lead to obtain a national landmark designation to preserve the building and its murals and to begin restoration. But the building was sold to the City in 1999 and postal service moved to the Maple location.

With the decline of snail mail in the Internet age, that distribution office is being relegated to a retail location; the building has been sold and is being renovated for office space with a 7,500 square-foot retail post office.

If you have stories about the Beverly Hills post office and mail delivery please send an email to or call Victoria Talbot at The Courier, (310) 278-1322.

One response to “Beverly Hills News – Residents Agree: Beverly Hills Post Office Fails To Deliver: UPDATED”

  1. David Schneider says:

    I am a little late to the game here, but I just saw this article and had to respond. I also have been having major issues with the USPS in BH. In some ways, I am heartened to hear that I am not alone. Since the problems are so many, I had to bullet point them. But you should be able to get the gist.

    – extremely late mail deliveries; not unusual to receive @ 10p
    – missed mail deliveries (fortunately we’re diligent, but for others this easily could result in late fees/missed checks etc)
    – wrong address – both at the “street” level as well as my immediate neighbors (clearly they do not understand the “1/2” address is different than the “whole number” address)
    – parcels noted as delivered but not rcvd (I think it was ebay, but it could have been amazon/etsy etc). So even though I didn’t get my package, since it was marked delivered, I was not able to get my money back from the seller or the USPS.
    – Related, packages are left on front stoop in full street view without even the benefit of a knock. Despite exhaustive calls to have them stop this practice, it still continues
    – Mail as well is left on the front stoop, in bulk
    – I have called the national USPS number on two separate instances (over two years) to complain – despite being told that a regional district supervisor would follow up within a couple of days, no one has ever called back
    – Out-going mail is not picked up
    – no one answers the phone at local facilities
    – we have a different person each day (6+ in last few months); not explicitly a problem, but it does generally mean that inexperienced carriers are not particularly efficient
    – As much as these issues are problematic, I am also still angered over the city’s role in basically transferring the old Crescent Drive building from a beautiful public resource to whatever it is now – with a handful of random performances for which residents now have to purchase tickets. Thanks for nothing.
    – Maple Dr location no longer has easily accessible parking available since the underground gate is closed so often

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