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Beverly Hills News – Heat Wave Prompts City to Issue Heat Warning!

Posted: Monday, June 20, 2016 – 1:17 PM

Residents already know how hot is, but the City wants to make sure that you take care of yourself and that you are aware of the strain such heat brings on the electrical grid.

(In addition to the human warnings below, please take special care to make sure that your pets have ample water and keep them out of the sun as you would yourself! Do not leave them in the car – leave them at home with water!)

The City of Beverly Hills issued the following press release:


Conserving energy and staying hydrated are important during these hot summer months. A heat alert has been issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Health (LACDH) until Tuesday, June 21. Scheduled power outages by Southern California Edison (SCE) are also in effect. The City of Beverly Hills advises all residents to seek the necessary precautions during a heat wave.

Symptoms of dehydration and heat illness due to the rise in temperatures may not be easily recognized. The effects of heat can quickly overcome the healthiest people. However, elderly people, the disabled, young children, those who are sick, live alone or are overweight are most likely to become victims of excessive heat.

Those under medical care or taking medication should speak with their physician about their particular vulnerability. Pets should also be hydrated and avoid exposure to extreme heat. Visit for more City-heat related information.

Quick tips for the heat:

  • –  Drink plenty of water

  • –  Never leave any person or pet in a parked vehicle, even for a short time

  • –  Check on elderly and/or special needs friends and neighbors

  • –  Limit outdoor activity on extremely hot days

  • –  If your home does not have air conditioning, seek places like malls and community facilities that provide air-conditioning

City Cooling Centers:


  • –  Beverly Hills Public Library (9:30 am – 9:30 pm)

  • 444 N. Rexford Drive

  • –  Roxbury Park Community Center (8:00 am – 9:30 pm)

  • 471 S. Roxbury Drive

Additionally, due to the recent decommissioning of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak, scheduled summer power outages by Southern California Edison (SCE) are also in effect. Certain sections of Beverly Hills may experience temporary outages this week.

Conservation Tips:

  • –  Turn lights, fans off when rooms not in use

  • –  Unplug all appliances and electronics when not in use

  • –  Reduce non-essential equipment to non-peak hours: washers and dryers,

    dishwashers, swimming pool equipment

  • –  Set thermostats to 78 degrees Fahrenheit

    For more information or questions about SCE power outages, please email or call 1-855-683-9067. You can also check the status of outages by visiting

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