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Conquering Stress! With Dr. Arlene – Aging Causes Stress

Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 – 12:22 PM

Dr. Arlene Barro

Are you aging backward or forward? Visualize two roads: one marked “Ageless” and the other “Aging.” If you select the Ageless Road, you will look, feel and behave with vitality. If you select the Aging Road, you focus a laser beam on your chronological age which could unknowingly set the stage for stress, anxiety and fear of the unknown, including chronic diseases.

Together we will walk down the Ageless Road and peel away the layers of stress including those that are not readily apparent.

Focusing On Function

To master the art of focusing on function, it is necessary to eliminate erroneous assumptions which I discussed in my April 15 column. Frequently, we give ourselves the wrong advice, and we act on those erroneous assumptions, thus, increasing our stress. Delete these erroneous assumptions from your mind! Replace them with positive self-talk, eliminating negativity.

Now we are ready to focus on function. Remember The Caine Mutiny? In the recent Authors Guild Bulletin, Campbell Geeslin wrote, “Novelist Herman Wouk, author of The Cain Mutiny, is 100 years old. His new book is a memoir, Sailor and Fiddler. Time magazine devoted a page to him.

“Wouk said that he had kept a journal since 1937 and that it was about 100 volumes. He didn’t consult it for his new book because, ‘I was writing from memory. If I started looking in my diaries, I might have said, “Oh yes, let’s put in that.”

“Asked what his favorite decade was, he said, ‘I’ve got 10 to choose from, I’d have to say the 1940’s, when the big change in my life was going from writing comedy to going to sea as a naval officer… I was out at sea with very different company from what I’d grown up with. It gave me a point of view, which I carry with me today. I’m a sailor.’”

What a memory! Wouk in 2016, remembered 100 volumes of his journal he started in 1937. In the book title he captures the essence of who he is, emphasizing “Sailor” and using “Fiddler” to represent himself as the writer. If and when you are tempted to slip into the old mindset of Aging, remember Wouk.

Mr. Wouk turned 101 on May 15. Go sailor!

Exercising Prevention And Seeking Treatment

Recognize early signs, symptoms or red flags in every aspect of your life to maintain a healthy mind and body. Know thyself! If you observe what appears to be abnormal changes in your body, do not ignore them. If you are feeling depressed or have difficulty making important decisions, speak with the right health-care professional.

If you are working and thinking about retirement, before retiring be sure to create a plan that excites you. Planning ahead will set the stage for seamless transition and allow you to gradually adjust to your new lifestyle.

Exercising prevention awareness and seeking prompt treatment will decrease stress and support the Ageless mindset. A toast to a healthy long life!

Are you currently on the Ageless Road or the Aging Road? If you found the Ageless Road on your own, share your story. If you were on the Aging Road when you read this column and decided to switch to the Ageless Road, explain why. Email your response to Your story may appear in my next column.

Dr. Arlene Barro, the creator of the Right Fit Method, is a UCLA-Trained behavioral educational psychologist. She is the author of WIN Without Competing! Before becoming an entrepreneur Dr. Arlene, known for her healthcare contributions, served as a medical school dean and associate division director at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Arlene’s company, barro global search, inc., is situated on Wilshire Boulevard.

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