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Beverly Hills News – City is Awarded the City Livability Award From US Conference of Mayors

Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2016 – 3:58 PM

The City of Beverly Hills has been awarded the City Livability Award from the US Conference of Mayors for the City’s Ambassador Program. Mayor John Mirisch accepted the award on behalf of the City.

The award honors city governments for developing programs that enhance the quality of life in urban areas, and Beverly Hills received first place honors among 150 cities in the small city (under 100,000 population) category.

The Ambassador Program provides hospitality services to the many thousands of visitors and residents and safety services. Twenty-one hours per day and seven days per week, Ambassadors provide outreach to the homeless as well. 

Ambassadors offer services to support the individual such as mental health assistance and other programs to help people get on their feet. Through the City’s partnerships with organizations such as Changing Lives and Sharing Places (CLASP), Step Up on Second and other organizations, the City addresses the needs of the most vulnerable residents. 

“The City of Beverly Hills is thrilled to receive the 2016 City Livability Award and we thank the US Conference of Mayors for such a distinguished honor,” said Mayor John Mirisch from Indianapolis Saturday. “I am especially pleased that more communities will learn about the good work we are doing in Beverly Hills to provide for the needs of people who live, work and visit in Beverly Hills, including our homeless population. Our Ambassadors; consistent presence and knowledge of those in need has allowed for efficient coordination of outreach and services to the homeless, producing a 50% decrease in the number of people found in our annual homeless count this past year. The Ambassadors’ presence on our City streets has led to a reduction in aggressive panhandling and provides a sense of safety and enhanced quality of life.” 

The City will celebrate the award at the City Council meeting on July 5 at 7 p.m.

The City received the award in 2014 under Mayor Lili Bosse for the for the City’s “Embrace Civility” program, encouraging residents to join in a pledge to support civility, anti-bullying, caring behavior, street safety and courteous behavior among motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. 

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