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Beverly Hills News – Vice Mayor Wants to Extend ‘Revolving Door’ Time Limits for Lobbyists

Posted: Monday, July 4, 2016 – 4:22 PM

By Victoria Talbot

Vice Mayor Nancy Krasne has requested that the City Council examine the time limits currently set that restrict former City employees and elected officials from unduly influencing City and elected officials’ decisions.

Currently, City employees who file a Form 700 are restricted from representing persons for compensation for two years.

Elected officials or planning commissioner can engage in lobbying for 30 months following their tenure in office. 

The City’s restrictions are compared to neighboring Santa Monica and West Hollywood, and the time limits on a mayor or commissioner returning to represent a developer at City Council are commensurate with the Beverly Hills Municipal Code.

However, neither city can boast the boost in real estate values that has made Beverly Hills land so valuable that developers are flocking to work within the City. And in the hillside areas, a lack of meaningful restrictions on development has drawn more developers.

Many of these developers hire former City mayors to represent them. At Thursday’s hearing at the Planning Commission on the proposed Hillside Ordinance, at least four mayors were present to represent those opposed to that ordinance. 


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