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Courier Letters To The Editor 7/1/16

Beverly Hills is so lucky to have its own “official ice cream man.” His name is Amir, and if you don’t know him, stop by Beverly Hills High School most weekdays and weekends and you will see his truck parked regally in his “private spot” in front of the Swim Gym.

Amir, who prefers the term “snack vendor” has been a friend to our community serving his popsicles and amazing honeydew sherbet bars for nearly 30 years now. A legacy that few ice cream men can claim.

He was formally situated at Roxbury Park for many years and then started making regular visits to BHHS to supply snacks and Gatorade to many of the team sports’ kids and dedicated track runners like myself. Amir is a friend to all the kids and not only knows everyone’s name (amazing how he remembers them all–even from years past) but Amir also supplies “credit” for kids who don’t have money on them.

Who knows if those IOU’s ever get paid off but he takes it all in stride.

You see, he owns a confection business that sells treats and beverages to other truck vendors but Amir chooses to get out in the field himself because he loves the work and seeing all the kids. He even makes donations to the Beverly Hills Unified School District with some of his “winnings” and is a beloved member of the school community.

I had a great ice cream man growing up in Encino named Don. His big white mail van truck had all the ice cream bars that made summer a special time. The legendary orange and vanilla 50-50 Bar (Sinatra’s favorite along with Eskimo pies) and of course the patriotic “Bomb Pops” in red, white, and blue. My absolute favorite was The Sparkle Bar, a chocolate eclair bar with cake crumbs on the outside.

There was a strawberry version also. Now Amir sells this one as the “Colonel Crunch” bar. You see, in Beverly Hills, many of the best ice creams rarely change, they just grow colder.

Thank you Amir for all the happiness you provide.

Hal Lifson 

Last week, I received nine pieces of very large mail, none of which were for me. They were for a variety of my neighbors. All of this was stuffed into my home via a “thru the wall” mail slot. The following day, I received no mail at all.

I presume mine was delivered to another neighbor’s home. Thank you Beverly Hills Post Office!!

Linda Townsley

The great news is that the judicial committee of our state of California passed an anti-BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) law, while many other states have already made BDS illegal. The unfortunate news is that the Presbyterian Church is one of the last still left in the BDS movement, deciding it to be honorable. This church wants to dictate to the State of Israel what it feels is the best way for the Israelis to live alongside the West Bankers or the Gazians. The United Methodist Church, however; just voted against the boycott.

Of course, here in their local pulpits, the pastors are at no risk of being killed by terrorists. Furthermore, their affiliate churches are in the only country in the middle east where there has been no killing of Christians. With all that knowledge, some churches still have the chutzpah to vote against Israel, in favor of whom?…. the terrorist, the dictatorship of Abbas, those teaching their children that Israel never existed or that all Jews have to be killed wherever they are found? I am not sure how our local Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church voted in its general assembly, but it has not proclaimed its displeasure as did the Bel-Air Presbyterian Church. As the City of Beverly Hills passed an anti-BDS law, I would ask that they meet with Pastor Andrew Eagles and the church elders to learn their opinions.

Pablo Nankin, M.D.

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