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Blossom Atelier Brings Vintage Vibe To West L.A.

Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 – 1:45 PM

Walking into the newly opened Blossm Atelier, it is immediately obvious that the eclectic bohemian-style workshop bursting with color is nothing like the average clothing boutique or beauty salon.

A combination of hair styling and shopping, Blossom presents a unique blend of vintage fashion, beauty, and home décor. The store is curated with vintage art and decorations, embodying the eclectic, free-spirit vibe that founders Jamie Leonard and Gilena Simons envisioned from the start.

Leonard, a fashion designer and celebrity hair stylists whose past clients include Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Damon, Sienna Miller and many more, had partnered with contemporary art collector and Museum of Contemporary Art committee member Gilena Simons to create the Blossom concept.

The store’s interiors are partly constructed of wood from a former burning Korean ship, which is meant to represent success. Opposite the wood, is a wall consisting of contemporary stone tile. Together, the atelier’s two sides create a juxtaposition of the past and future. Blossom also features an art wall, a collage of thematic décor that frequently changes.

Near the back of the atelier, is Leonard’s beauty studio, where a lone European style salon chair sits facing a mirrored wall. Since Leonard works with only one client at a time, her customers are sure to be pampered with undivided attention during their time at the salon. Furthermore, Blossom also includes a workspace where meditation and DIY workshops are frequently held.

For Leonard and Simons, the word “bohemian” exemplifies travel and worldliness, two qualities which they hope to embody in Blossom. 

“The bohemian aspect really relates to our overall theme, which is eclectic, flowy, and blossoming,” Simons said. “I think the bohemian style really reflects both of our personal styles. It’s easy, flowy, and a combination of feeling special and yet casual.”

As lovers of vintage assemblages, Leonard and Simons draw their inspiration from various flea markets, consignment stores, and vintage shops from all over the world. According to Simons, they strive to find new homes for any antiques that they come across. 

“These are not dresses off the shelves. No one’s going to be wearing what you buy here,” she said. “It’s the love of vintage that really made us want to open this store. We wanted to share that uniqueness with other people.”

Leonard and Simons chose to name their store “Blossom” in order to embrace the idea of inner beauty flowering from within.

“The whole idea of blossoming from within and coming out and coming forward is beautiful to the both of us,” Simons said. “This is a place that will always be changing. We’re always on the lookout for the unique and the special.”

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