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Letters to the Editor – 8/19/16

Next Thursday night (Aug. 25), Beverly Hills Concerts on Canon will host the Stephen Wise Temple band, known for outstanding musical presentations at its reformed synagogue in Bel Air.

This will be a family friendly pop music concert with some traditional Hebrew songs included. Yoshi Zweiback is the charismatic new senior rabbi at Wise Temple, only its 3rd in some 50 years.

He leads the Wise band with his storytelling, singing and guitar. As a true visionary on the bima, he has developed quite a following in his first year there and has a real love for our City as regular patron of Nate N’ Al, The Beverly Hills Hotel, and Factor’s Famous Deli on Pico.

Also at the concert will be Cantor Nate Lam, a Hollywood legend with his major talent showcased at Wise Temple for this, his 40th year.

He has done multiple work in the entertainment industry as been a voice coach to major celebrities, while also bringing his brilliant baritone to the Wise congregation.

Joining them for this very special night of music, the second to last concert of summer 2016 at Beverly Canon Gardens, will be bandleader David Kates, Cantor Emma Lutz, and supreme vocalists Sara Mann and Whitney Norton.

This is a very special night of music you won’t want to miss and I will be there to take in the European atmosphere at Canon Gardens for the second to last concert of summer of 2016. I had my Bar Mitzvah at Stephen Wise Temple in August of 1973 and my wife Brigitte and I were married by Rabbi Zeldin in 2003 in the garden outside the Polo Lounge. See you next Thursday with my Montreal Expos kipah on!

Hal Lifson

After my recent terrible fall causing multiple injuries, I had requested that the jogging/walking path along Santa Monica Boulevard be made safer for all of us.

However, I doubt that its repair will be taken seriously as the Safety Commission hasn’t even taken notice. I am not sure about what exactly is its job, but it is certainly not to our advantage.

While the city manager and his second in command were sympathetic to my fall, the truth finally came out when community development wrote to me to inform me that the concrete that caused the fall has been removed and nothing else will be done until the entire boulevard gets a facelift which may take a few years.

If you walk from Whittier to Rexford along this path, it is smooth and great to jog along. Once you get to those blocks beginning east of Rexford which are away from the business area and also removed from the view of tourists, the path starts to deteriorate.

The area is not level, the curbs are broken, and water “imprints” make the path also dangerous.

It seems that for a few thousand dollars, the City can have the old dirt and gravel removed and replaced.

However, why do so if there are no tourists to that area?

Pablo Nankin, M.D.

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