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Peter Greco’s “Divine Write” Opens Tomorrow At Los Jocos

Artist Peter Greco uses words, symbols and abstract markings to generate curiosity, challenge perceptions and encourage viewers to look deeper for hidden messages.

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2016 – 3:01 PM


Acclaimed street artist and typographer Peter Greco’s first solo exhibition “Divine Write” opens tomorrow night at LosJoCos Gallery.  The opening reception will be held Saturday, Oct. 1 from 7-10pm.

Considered one of America’s most experienced practitioners in the art of traditionally inspired typography and handcrafted lettering, Greco has cultivated a devoted following across L.A. due to his signature Toltec murals that dot the street art scene. His graphic design background and lengthy study of historical alphabets combine present day graffiti with tribal imagery.

“Divine Write” also includes Greco’s collection of the manuscript folios of Renaissance mystic Gonza Spalato. Hidden, feared and forgotten for centuries, these pages reconstruct and illustrate the life and thought of this previously unknown figure. 

The exhibit runs through Oct. 16, 2016 at LosJoCos Gallery, 725 Kohler Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021. For more information, visit or

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