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Trial On Mohamed Hadid’s 901 Strada Vecchia Looms Closer

Posted: Friday, December 2, 2016 – 2:25 PM

The criminal trial surrounding alleged illegal construction at developer Mohamed Hadid’s 901 Strada Vecchia appears to be slowly inching toward a conclusion.

At a pre-trial hearing Wednesday in the Van Nuys court house, Judge Eric Harmon denied a motion by Hadid’s lawyers to sever his trial from that of 901 Strada Vecchia and its listed managing member James T. Zelloe, an attorney from Virginia.

Harmon determined that all three will be tried together. In April of 2015, LADBS inspectors cracked down on the nearly 30,000 square-foot property before construction was completed, ruling all unapproved construction, which they said included features like retaining walls, concrete decks and an underground theater, were to be removed.

A couple of months later, the case was forwarded to L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer for prosecution. Since then, the case has largely been toiling in the courts for more than a year, with different pre-trial motions and diversions being filed before a trial date could actually be set.

Hadid’s attorneys told the court Wednesday that additional motions will soon be filed, and Harmon set a Jan. 9, 2017 court date to hear those motions.

Harmon stated that following the motions, a trial date would be set within 10 days of Jan. 9 and estimated that the public jury trial could take two weeks.

Famed attorney Robert Shapiro, who represented Hadid in the most recent pre-trial hearing before Wednesday’s, was not present on Wednesday.

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