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Letters to the Editor — 1/13/17

Posted: Friday, January 13, 2017 – 11:07 AM

Last year you covered a story on my brother Greg who was run over by the truck in the Nice ISIS attack and again when Secretary of State John Kerry visited him in the hospital in Nice.

After almost 7 months in France, he will be returning home on Monday afternoon.

The City of Beverly Hills donated purple ribbons which we will tie around the trees on El Camino from Charleville to Olympic for his arrival.

Adam Krentzman

Thank you so much to the kind, thoughtful people who took the time last Wednesday to stop at the corner of Gregory Way and Beverly Drive to ask an old lady sitting there if she needed water, juice or the paramedics.

I thanked them but declined their help. Apparently, somebody didn’t believe me and notified the paramedics who were parked nearby because suddenly I was surrounded by six or seven who wanted to help me.

After a time, I agreed to let them help. I will never forget their kindness, their gentleness, smiles and caring.

These kind young men did not give up on me but helped me on to a wheelchair, helped me complete my necessary errand, drove me the two short blocks home and escorted me into my house.

How wonderful they were to do all this for me …. only in Beverly Hills.

Marjorie Simon

Meryl Streep going after Donald Trump during a speech at the Golden Globes here in The Beverly Hilton was a classless thing to do. I was loving the show until that as the Golden Globes is for entertainment and not politics. Meryl Streep is a wonderful actress, but a clueless person. No one wants to hear political views at an awards show. You don’t get it, Meryl. No one cares what you think outside of entertainment. Your words will not make a difference during the Trump years.

George Vreeland Hill

One of our local billionaires (Mr. X) was surprised at President Obama’s action, after he learned that the president has abandoned Israel by his vote at the UN. I would say that with this latest betrayal, Obama has entered the 9th circle of hell in Dante’s (Divine Comedy) inferno.

It has taken Mr. X seven years and eleven months to determine the nature of Obama’s dislike for Israel, even though his hate was demonstrated year after year, meeting after meeting.

Mr. X has given huge monetary support to the president, provided elaborate fundraising dinners (thereby interfering with traffic flow as well as substantial cost to the City for unreimbursed overtime), praised Hillary Clinton, and convinced himself that Democrats are the only true supporters of Israel albeit many being anti-Israel. All the while, it is the great majority of Republicans who vote and stand behind the survival of Israel.

Perhaps Mr. X can focus his attention on removing or blocking the reelection of congressmen who have been whining insufferably about democracy whilst they support anti-democratic countries and institutions, such as the UN. The United Nations is a true hot-bed of hatred and bigotry; not only are most member-states anti-Israel, they are also anti-US.  Recently, it was announced that 5,000 more French Jews are leaving their country due to its failure to protect them.

As regards the misinformation from the likes of Secretary of State John Kerry about the money that the U.S. gives to Israel going mostly for defense, it is brought back here through the sale of weapons, etc. We should take into consideration all of the medical technology that has been developed in Israel with this money, or the drones used by the U.S. that were developed by Raphael Industries in Israel. Whatever the U.S. gifts Israel comes back to it in multiple ways.

Merely having money does not make someone intelligent— making good use of it can.

Pablo Nankin, MD

I would like to salute my friend Carrie Fisher, who along with her adoring devoted mother Debbie Reynolds, made such an impact on so many in their lives.

In the early 2000’s, I had the good fortune to meet and briefly work with Carrie on a writing project. What a true character she was. Such a phenomenal talent and so witty, but those who followed her career knew that.

What you may not know is she lived in famed costume designer Edith Head’s old estate on Coldwater and there was a guest cottage for mom right on the property.

These two gals were never far apart and loved each other dearly.

Carrie had amazing collectibles abounding like a hand chair you sat in the palm of and neon jukeboxes with both swing era tunes for mama and ‘60’s classics for the retro hipsters in Carrie’s milieu.

I recall the afternoon where Carrie took a call from Larry King, who was chastising her for missing his show with guest Roslyn Carter speaking on a panel about depression.

Carrie remarked on speaker phone: “I’m sorry Larry, but I was too depressed to do the show that day.” She winked at me with that Princess Leia twinkle and handed me another Nutter Butter cookie from the bedside table.

Yes, Carrie’s home office was her bedroom. Laptops, legal pads with scribbled screenplay notes, and little wind up toys were strewn about. The woman had style.

Oh, and did I mention the TV was always on, even though she swore she never watched a thing.

Carrie Fisher was an original. A bright talent who suffered at the hands of addiction and emotional challenges which she morphed into brilliant writing projects like Surrender To The Pink, Wishful Drinking and her opus Postcards From The Edge.

I will always remember my favorite movie scene of Carrie’s encountering Warren Beatty in Shampoo, shot right near her home off Coldwater.

We will all miss you Carrie and thanks to you and your mom for so many years of pure panache.

Hal Lifson

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