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Beverly Hills News – Acting Postmaster to Hold Meet-and-Greet at Maple Post Office Fridays

Posted: Monday, January 16, 2017 – 12:52 PM

By Victoria Talbot

The US Postal Service is making an effort to connect with Beverly Hills residents who are frustrated with undelivered mail, mail delivered to the wrong address, lost packages, stolen mail, days when there is no delivery, poor window service (or no window service), lost vacation mail, failed vacation holds, lost mail, and the list goes on and on. Their solution? Friday meet-and-greets.

The Maple Post Office, located at 325 N. Maple Drive, will host Fridays with Acting Postmaster DeLisa Jackson, beginning 10 a.m.-3 p.m. last Friday (press release came after-the-fact).

“Acting Beverly Hills Postmaster DeLisa Jackson will host meet-and-greet sessions to speak directly with Beverly Hills customers regarding mail issues.”

The Postal Service adds, “With the intention of making it easier for Beverly Hills customers to talk with the U.S. Postal Service, a customer-only telephone line has been established along with weekly meet-and-greet events on Fridays. USPS customers also have the option of calling (310) 247-3404 to provide details regarding any mail issues.  Customers are asked to leave a detailed message including a callback number. They will receive a return call within 24 hours or the next business day.”

The Courier wants to hear about your experience. We have written dozens of articles and published dozens of letters on the subject of the post office, postal service, the USPS and US Postal Inspectors in response to the community and their complaints. We, too, have had problems with the USPS. 

Let us know if there are indeed, call backs, and if you met with the Acting Postmaster, DeLisa Jackson, how was your visit. 


2 responses to “Beverly Hills News – Acting Postmaster to Hold Meet-and-Greet at Maple Post Office Fridays”

  1. Richard Seff says:

    I should not have to attend a Meet and Greet with the temporary postmistress to say:
    1. We constantly get some else’s mail.
    2. Mail is left on front steps even though our mail slot is large enough to receive all mail.
    3. Mail is pushed part way through the mail slot even though if could easily be pushed through the slot.
    4. We have often asked to have our mail held. When we return home, we see that most of our mail was already delivered and not held.Our mail carriers say that relief carriers did not know to hold mail.
    5. More often then not, mail carriers are talking on their cell phones and not paying attention.
    6. We received someone else’s absentee ballots for the last election. I chased the mail carrier who was listening on his ear phones and could not hear me. When I gave him him the misdelivered ballots, he said “Have a Nice Day” and walked away from me.

  2. Richard Seff says:

    We are convinced that for whatever reasons that no one is in charge or cares to require the mail carriers to do their jobs.

    I also said that we should not have to meet with someone to find that many others are waiting their turns and we are only that your carriers do their jobs. In my business, I would fire anyone who behaves the way your carriers do.

    What about all of the letters of our frustrations? We told the post office then about our frustrations.. You knew what the problems were and did not do anything about them.

    Why should we expect anything better now?

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