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Letters to the Editor – 2/10/17

Posted: Friday, February 10, 2017 – 2:03 PM

The hypocrisy of those who pretend to support democracy in Beverly Hills is becoming more blatant. We have the same 30+ residents who preach democracy while supporting elections with less than 18-percent voter turnout.

What is more egregious is they don’t care if $500,000 is taken from the classroom just to have these “special elections.” Why do they want low voter turnout? I suspect it’s because this makes it easier and less costly to push their own special agendas and candidates.

I’ve stopped listening to them and I hope the rest of the community is learning to do the same. Who are these people? Just watch the beginning of Tuesday night’s school board meeting where most of them identify themselves.

They do not support democracy, but this is what the world needs – including Beverly Hills.

Lewis Hall

I am all for that tree which posed a hazard to be taken down but what ever happened to the trees the Beverly Hills Land Company was supposed to plant to replace the ones that they unlawfully cut down?

Arthur Rosenbloom

More than once I have written about the issue of our City becoming more vulnerable to robberies and assaults.

I find the continuous plans to bolster advertising and incentives in order to increase tourism to Beverly Hills is inconsiderate to the safety of its residents.

By reaching out to potential tourists, our City has become more attractive to thieves and thugs. The crime rate of robberies and break-ins has increased at a very fast pace.

The lack of police officers patrolling Beverly Hills is a well-known fact. I have no idea why their numbers are low especially with the amount the city pays.

Nonetheless, as long as this fact is not taken seriously and the business sector’s wishes need to be heeded first, then the residential areas take a back seat.

My hope is that the residents ask the persons running for City Council about their plans regarding the advertising of this City which I believe does more to increase crime here and how they plan to diminish it.

Finally, please make sure that the council knows that we want a police presence in the schools all day long.

Pablo Nankin, MD

I’ve had a few opportunities to get to know Eliot Finkel, and on every occasion, he doesn’t disappoint. I like his honesty, appreciate his directness, and believe he has the best interests of our City and residents. In other words, he’s got our back.

His ideas for creating more green space, garden areas, more parking, and enhancing the business triangle and Beverly Drive, all resonate with me. I’m a Beverly Hills lifer­–Beverly Vista and Beverly High.

I love my town and truly care what happens here. I know Eliot does too. When we talk about how to keep it charming but booming at the same time, we’re on the same page.

Take one look at Eliot’s plans, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Anyone who wants to keep Rodeo Drive open at night, or create an art walk on Burton Way, or do something cool with Parcels 12 -13, has got my vote.

Most importantly, I’ve watched him listen to the concerns of my neighbors with compassion and understanding. He hears us. From addressing concerns about safety and adequate law enforcement, to hearing gripes about traffic and speeding (my pet peeve), he gets it.

This is the first time I’ve ever taken pen to paper for a candidate, but that’s how much I believe in Eliot.

Treva Brandon Scharf

Last week, there was a letter suggesting that “celebrities exist for one sole purpose. To entertain us. Other than that you are worthless.” This is beyond offensive. It is ignorant and outrageous.

“The only words of yours that matter are scripted-just like your pathetic little lives.” This is what was written about the entire entertainment community of actors and actresses, many of whom reside here in our City and give back to it so generously.

“But all (actors) have one thing in common–they only exist and have a place in our world to entertain us. That’s it. Nothing else!” So we are to assume that to these authors, people only serve one purpose in life, and that’s it? Celebrities do not possess the right to express their opinions, political or otherwise, yet the authors are free to do so?

Who does have the right to express their opinion? If the authors are offended at celebrities who express political views, would it not behoove them to avoid watching award shows where such behavior is clearly permissible and not illegal…at least not yet? It should be duly-noted that celebrities making political statements on awards shows has existed for decades. It’s nothing new.

This kind of thinking is not just embarrassing, but it’s highly insensitive to the multitudes of actors who have resided in Beverly Hills for generations, paid taxes here, done countless hours of volunteer work and donated millions upon millions of dollars to charities world wide.

As a non-actor who has made a living for more than 30 years serving as a publicist for celebrities and athletes, I’ve got a simple solution to the problem of these authors. Rather than watching something you don’t like just to complain about it – if you have a problem with the movie stars, then turn off the TV and open a book (before they make it into a movie that you will watch and complain about!).

Hal Lifson

I have never read a more mean spirited, reprehensible letter in my life than the one the two women wrote last week about performers expressing their political thoughts. The line that really pushed me over the edge was–“We crank the organ grinder and they dance.” How dare you?

Who are they have so little regard for actors? I guess they consider them something other than human. They are just out there to entertain us and heaven forbid they have an opinion. It is so obvious that they are Trump supporters and probably feel the same way he feels about Meryl Streep. “She is such an overrated actress.” Really? Have you seen her body of work? Do you not know that she is a very well educated woman who has a masters in Theatre Arts from Yale?

If the writers of this egregious letter would like to meet me in person and discuss their take on this matter, I would be more than happy to accommodate them.

Harriet Stuart

Regarding the letter last week on actors speaking out at recent awards shows: Emotions are running high everywhere, but to belittle a group of professionals, and ridicule their livelihood is unfortunate. Everyone in our democracy has an inalienable right to speak his or her mind. Just because someone is an actor, does not mean a person need suppress or censor themselves.

Yes, some people have visibility and opportunity that are not accessible to all, but let’s be fair, President Donald Trump’s celebrity allowed him similar access, and that “star” profile he so craved helped boost him into the White House. And what was he? A host of a reality TV show where he played at giving people jobs. The hard work of successful, well-established actors actually does create jobs for thousands of people; and their abilities help propel and stimulate a multi-billion American industry–one even our own City greatly benefits from.

Janice Parente



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