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Mayor Announces Diana Nyad To Join Walk with the Mayor on Monday

Diana Nyad

Posted: Monday, May 1, 2017 – 11:44 AM

Extreme swimmer Diana Nyad, who swam 111 miles from Cuba to Florida non-stop when she was 60 years old, will join Walk with the Mayor on Monday to share her particular brand of inspiration with walkers, and to invite them to join her in her quest to get Americans everywhere walking.

“You’re never too old to chase your dreams,” said Nyad, upon completing her daunting swim. Now, with Ted talks and motivational events, Nyad has chosen to use her celebrity to inspire Americans to walk to improve their health and overall well-being, no matter what age they are. 

Walk with the Mayor is a great fit for this woman, who swam 70 hours in shark-and jellyfish -infested waters, battling with hyperthermia, exhaustion and sensory deprivation in a spiritual pursuit for meaning that required nothing less than total focus, overwhelming dedication and passion.

“Over the decades, we have become one of the most sedentary societies on earth, ill with heart disease and diabetes.  EverWalk is a movement designed to spark an epic revolution and get Americans outdoors and walking,” according to the EverWalk website. 

“Diana Nyad is a role model of inspiration for perseverance, tenacity, optimism and a belief to never give up on our dreams,” said Bosse. “I have always believed we start with ‘Y’es and then figure out how after. Monday’s walk with her will be an exciting morning that no one will want to miss!”

This Monday, the walk took everyone back to revisit the Beverly Hills Community Dog Park, which was her one of her Number One priorities when Bosse was mayor in 2014-15. Now, finally a reality after 10 years of trying, the Dog Park is a source of community pride, as well as a great place to meet neighbors and let Fido run off leash.

The group also stopped at Panini Cafe and were treated to a real Mediterranean treat! Chicken kebabs and roasted veggies, with delicious rice, hummus and tatziki were generously served to a hungry and appreciative group of walkers.

Next week, coming just prior to the Community Meditation with Deepak Chopra next Friday, is part of Mayor Lili Bosse’s #BHHealthy City initiative, to make the City healthy in body, mind, business and spirit. 



One response to “Mayor Announces Diana Nyad To Join Walk with the Mayor on Monday”

  1. Ironmike says:

    Madam Mayor,
    During your walk with Ms. Nyad, ask her about her Mexico City Olympic trials swim and her female-first around Manhattan. Those are engrossing tales.

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