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Beverly Hills News – Deepak Chopra To Lead City in Guided Meditation Friday

Posted: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 – 1:45 PM

By Victoria Talbot

World-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine Deepak Chopra, M.D. will join Mayor Lili Bosse to launch the first of the Mayor’s “S.O.U.L. Sessions,” an acronym for Seek Original Unique Learning, as a feature of her Beverly Hills Healthy City initiative (#bhhealthycity) to make Beverly Hills the world’s healthiest city.

Chopra will lead participants in a guided meditation session outside City Hall on the Crescent lawn.

The public is invited to join Mayor Bosse and Deepak Chopra in this groundbreaking event, making history by promoting the public’s health and well-being in Beverly Hills.

“I am absolutely thrilled that Deepak will launch our first S.O.U.L. Session,” said Mayor Bosse. “Our year-long partnership with Deepka will bring a new dimension of health and wellness to our City. I welcome both residents and visitors and fervently hope that mayors in other cities will adopt a more holistic approach to public service and promote comprehensive wellness programs for their citizens.”

Chopra will soon launch his Jiyo Smart Phone App in Beverly Hills, as well.
Jiyo is a comprehensive smart phone fitness app that provides features such as personalized alt-health-care recommendations, based on an individual sensor data, and information from experts curated specifically for the user in the user’s location, such as fitness consultants or nutritionists.
The mission is to create the world’s largest well-being marketplace, according to his website.
“Chopra strongly believes that positive social change cannot happen without personal well-being of a critical mass of people and Jiyo is an effort to bring about this social change. If he is able to touch a billion lives to become more positive then he can bring about a change to create a more peaceful and just society,” says the website.
The Community Meditation with Deepak Chopra will take place Friday at noon on the Crescent sideof City Hall. Come prepared to meditate, with a blanket and hat or visor. The event is free and parking is located across the street from City Hall next to the Beverly Hills Public Library.

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