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Beverly Hills News – Council Set to Discuss Bike Lanes on Santa Monica Blvd.

Posted: Monday, June 19, 2017 – 12:15 PM

The Beverly Hills City Council will consider whether or not there should be bike lanes on North Santa Monica Boulevard Tuesday evening’s city council meeting. 

With the City in the middle of the first section of the Santa Monica Blvd. reconstruction, it is necessary to decide if and how there will be striping for a bicycle lane on the busy boulevard. 

Lane striping is currently scheduled for Summer 2018, upon completion of the entire project. 

It is not clear why the council is revisiting this issue; previously, the City Council had negated the striping of bicycle lanes on Santa Monica Boulevard due to safety considerations. Dozens of cyclists appeared at city council to comment in favor of the proposal, though few were actually residents of the City. 

It is anticipated that the same phenomenon will occur on Tuesday evening, but there is also an organized group of residents who will protest the striping on the grounds that it is unsafe in the heavy flow of traffic, and that there are other routes with less heavy traffic. 



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