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George Christy Talks About Radhika Jones, Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter and more

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Every brouhaha has a back story. 

As does Graydon Carter’s sudden departure in September after 25 years as editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair of the Conde Nast empire.

Unexpected.  Leaving behind a job paying a yearly salary of $3 million, plus expenses.  All deserving, considering the stress and pressure of sleepless nights creating new ideas, overseeing an enormous staff while creating  monthly issues that stir drumbeats around the world and sell off the newsstands.

His editorial genius ranks with the publishing  history of editors Harold Ross, who founded The New Yorker, and cultural scholar and satirist  H. L. Mencken. 

The Byzntine-esque brouhaha, from what gossipists discern leads to Vogue editor Anna Wintour, the artistic director of Conde Nast publications (GQ, Glamour, Conde Nast Traveler, etc.) Although it was hands off with Vanity Fair.  Graydon in total control.

However,  Milady Anna managed to cook up a scheme for Graydon to use her group of tech folks to save money.  Requiring Graydon to layoff his tech staffers.  Of course, he refused.

If what’s been assessed from hearsay is true, he grew fed up with the insufferable shenanigans.  Arriving at  the stark decision to hit the road.  With plans of his own to launch a new vision for publishing that remains secret.

A Canadian from Quebec, Edward Graydon Carter toiled on the railway, and the Internet informs he also was a gravedigger.

Milady Anna, meanwhile, balances a top-heavy plate, although her Teen Vogue ends with the December issue that she’s invited best friend Hillary Clinton to edit.  Hillary’s doorstopper memoir, What Happened,  is falling off the bestseller charts. 

Let us remind that Milady Anna hosted a $50,000 per guest fundraiser for the failed presidential candidate’s campaign at her residence in Greenwich Village.  Buzz surfaced that if the candidate won, Milady Anna would be appointed as Ambassador to the Court of St. James.

In time, what with his successful  helm at Vanity Fair, Graydon took over the fabled Oscar party that literary agent Irving “Swifty” Lazar, who rarely read a book, hosted for years at Spago.  Which Wolfgang Puck underwrote. 

Conde Nast spends millions on these Vanity Fair Oscar parties, attracting a posh group of locals and Manhattanites the likes of Carolina and Reinaldo Hererra, Ron Perelman, Barry Diller, and witty Fran Lebowitz, for dinner.         

After the dinner, a tsunami of ”toothpicks” crushed in for In-N-Out burgers.  Toothpicks are what the French allude to as not quite up to par for dinner.  

Swifty’s Toothpicks were plentiful, but  Graydon’s party crowd morphed into fannybumpers.

Graydon later commented that hosting the party was nothing more than being a maitre d’hotel at a dining room, greeting and goodbying his guests.   

He’s completed his final issue for Feburary 2018, he suggested  a farewell party at his Monkey Bar in midtown  Manhattan.  

Milady Anna would have none of it.  Now that she’s in charge.

The back story?  A long-lasting power play.  Milady Anna remained frustrated that she never got the upper hand with Vanity Fair under his editorship.

Milady Anna and The New Yorker editor David Rennick, along with Conde Nast executives have anointed the 44-year-old beauty Radhika Jones as the new Vanity Fair editor.  She comes from a highly literary background. Editorial director of The New York Times books, and Time magazine,  where she edited the “100 Influential”  issues,  and  the highbrow Grand Street, financially backed by the late Jean Stein.  Jean’s parents were Hollywood’s Empress and Emperor  Doris and Jules Stein of MCA which included  Universal Studios.

Radhika’s smarts will bring a fresh zest to Vanity Fair.  Lauded for her vision and energy and very active mind.  She aims to add fresh voices to the magazine, taking over her Conde Nast office in mid-December.

Yes, she plans to host the annual Oscar party in Beverly Hills.

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