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Beverly Hills News – BHPD Chief Spagnoli Responds to Social Media Post at Schools

Posted: Thursday, February 22, 2018 – 10:39 PM

The following message was sent out to parents of BHUSD students from the Chief Sandra Spagnoli of the Beverly Hills Police Department this evening:

A message from the Police Department:

I wanted to let you know the Police Department is aware of the concern that is circulating amongst parents and students.  Although there is currently no evidence of any threat to the school or students, we are treating this as a very serious and urgent matter.  I wanted to provide you with a summary of the facts that we are aware of to date.  

Today, February 22, 2018, the Police Department was advised by several parents that a student had recently generated at least two social media posts which alluded to a threat towards the high school.  This information has been widely circulated throughout the day.  As of this writing, the Police Department has contacted at least 100 different parents and students about this concern and conducted extensive follow-up.   At this time, we can be confident there is no threat to the school. 

We have received a copy of one Instagram Story, which does not meet the criteria for a criminal threat.  The investigation has revealed that the existence of a second post is unconfirmed.  Investigators have been unable to locate this second social media posting.  At this time, the Police Department has found no evidence of any threat towards the high school.  The Department is actively investigating and monitoring the situation and encourages anyone with firsthand knowledge regarding this matter (i.e., something you have personally seen or heard), to immediately contact the Beverly Hills Police Department at (310) 550-4951.  

We are working with the school to ensure that appropriate measures are in place for the safety of all students, and coordinating with school administrators so students are safe and secure on campus.   As our standard procedure when we are alerted of a concern, we will increase police presence on the high school campus tomorrow. 

The safety of the school and students is our highest priority and the community can be confident that your children are safe to attend school tomorrow.


Sandra Spagnoli

Police Chief 


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